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    Old 07-23-2014, 04:37 PM   #1
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    Question new, on t3 only med, need help

    Hi, so here is my story (same as a lot of others i have read) and need some help.

    I have been struggling with HypoT symptoms since youth. though they thought it may be the problem No Dr would test me, "just diet and exercise". at 16 I was 240+lb, my hair was falling out and started to go grey(use to not be able to put a large scrunchy around my ponytail now its only 1/4 of its thickness), didn't sleep well and started struggling with depression because i didn't feel good. then early 20's had a few TSH tests be "normal" still no help but "try weight watchers". now 27yrsold. had my first child 1 1/2 yrs ago, when he was 6months everything went to the crapper emotionally, physically and mentally. I knew I needed to do something, needed help, didn't want my child loosing out on having a mother who was healthy in all those i went to the Dr. for some answers. labs were "normal". TSH 2.31. but was very Vit D deficient. She wouldn't do anything until my D levels were normal. 6 months later I'm in the norm. but still feel like crap, gained 30lbs ect. That DR left 3 weeks after I saw her, was given a new Dr in the same practice. I presented her with the 150+ symptoms I was dealing with(she only acknowledged fatigue, weight gain, heavy menses and my BP was prehypertensive at the appt). I demanded tests FT4, FT3, antibodies, TSH. Just talking to her she decided I probably had poly cystic ovarian disease and wanted to give me meds right then and there for it before I was even tested. told her no, I wanted to wait for the tests. so 1, $150 US later, no cysts, and my DHEA was way low not high at all, so we ruled that out. then I got my labs back.

    TSH: 1.70 (.49 - 4.67)
    FT3: 4.17pg/mL (2.77-5.27) 56% in the range
    FT4: 1.03ng/dL (.49-4.67) 28% in the range
    TPO: 8 IU/mL (0-34) would not order other test
    B12: 740pg/mL (187-1059)
    Iron: 66.0ug/dL (37.0-170)
    DHEA 37.8ug/dL (84.8-378.0)
    platelets and diabetic test were fine.

    She said thyroid panel was normal, I argued that I was symptomatic and not in the "Optimal range". And my DHEA being way low could point to adrenal fatigue. ( their lab does not do saliva test). she said she understood treating the symptoms and not just the #'s but the internet was not always our friend. she was very worried about my BP, it was higher than before(stressed out about what she was going to say). But she said she could prescribe either Levothyroxine(T4), or Liothyrinine(T3), she said she would prefer the T3 because it would help treat the underlying depression issue she thought I had. But that she had had 2 patients, 1 did fine on it, gave her energy maybe headache or heart palps but nothing worth stopping it for. the other patient went manic on her, like she wanted to kill people. so I decided to try the T3, Dr wanted me on a BP med also because the T3 could raised it even more. so she prescribed a diuretic for the BP and 25mcg of Liothyrinine to take in the morning. so I did,
    day 1-3: whole pill in morning 8am= horrible headache and diarrhea, but
    clearer headed, still had to nap at 1 pm and was agitated by 4pm
    day 4-6: 1/2 pill in morning 8am, 1/2 pill 4hrs later= no headache, diarria
    comes and goes, but feel better but had to nap at 1pmish and felt
    irritable upon waking
    day7-9: 1/2 pill 2hrs before waking 6am, 1/4pill @ 10am,1/4 pill @ 2pm= no
    headache, energy, a few ups and downs, take a nap @ 1pm but
    woke up feeling good.
    day 10: 1/2 pill 2hrs before waking 6am, 1/4pill @ 10am,1/4 pill @ 2pm=
    haven't felt good all day, no energy, crabby, nap at 1pm woke
    irritable and by 4pm had a splitting headache, sweaty, and shaky.
    #1 I eventually want to switch to a desiccated thyroid med, but wanted to show the Dr that I was doing better with the t3 first because I still don't have a diagnosis, she just wrote this was for fatigue, should I stick with T3 longer? it helps but is rough.
    #2 if i stick with it longer, any idea the best way to take it, and how much?
    is 25mcg a too high starting dose?
    #3 how long do i give it to work correctly(without major side effects) I know
    it takes time but i see her in a month and want to report positive results,
    not just complain(afraid she will stop everything) .
    #4 if not, do i try the T4 first(haven't heard good things about t4 only) or try to get a desiccated thyroid med?

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    Re: new, on t3 only med, need help

    Anyone have any suggestions???

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    Re: new, on t3 only med, need help

    There's more information there than I know about or can wade through completely.

    I don't understand a doctor who says there is no thyroid issue but then gives a choice of T4 or T3 med... ???
    Furthermore, 25 mcgs of Cytomel is a huge amount to start with, especially if the prescribing MD says there is no thyroid problem. A more appropriate starting dose would have been 5 mcgs.

    You might have not heard many good things about Synthroid if you only read thyroid forums to gather information about treatment. People who have lingering issues with unsuccessful treatment tend to congregate in forums. The millions who successfully use Synthroid don't have a need to visit forums, so they tend to stay invisible. That doesn't mean that no one does well on Synthroid.

    There are very few patients who do well exclusively on T3 in the long term.
    "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." Abraham Lincoln

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    Re: new, on t3 only med, need help

    Everyone is different, so there is no one answer that fits all situations. Some people do well on Synthroid or a combination of T4 and T3.

    For what it's worth, I did very badly on T3 medication. It was added to my Synthroid because I apparently don't convert T4 to T3 well, but within a few weeks my doctor took me off it because the side effects were so severe (headaches, constant nausea, terrible heart pounding, horrific insomnia, burning skin, to name a few). In the end my doctor decided to take me off the artificial T4, too, and put me on the desiccated thyroid because I need both T3 and T4.

    It sounds to me as though your doctor isn't very knowledgeable about thyroid issues.

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    Re: new, on t3 only med, need help

    Frankly I don't know why the Doc would suggest a t3 only med, when your T4 is so low.
    I would have thought she would start with a low dose of T4 and re-test.

    That being said, you can't really judge till you get labs done again, and If I am not mistaken you don't have to wait that long to re-test when on T3 only.

    I agree with midwest1 that T4 only is exactly what many people need. If your body converts T4 to T3 really well, and you give it enough T4, you shouldn't need to add T3.
    With your T3 readings in the higher part of the range, and your T4 in the lower, I would have thought starting with T4 might have been an option.

    Make sure when you see her to recheck this that you get her to do the labs again so you can see what has changed. Post back here when you know more.

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    Re: new, on t3 only med, need help

    Thanks ladies, i will call tomorrow and see if i can get retested sooner. should i take or not take the t3 the day of the test?
    no i don't think Dr is very good with thyroids but is willing to listen at least(for now). she gave me the option of the meds that she could give me for my pushy thyroid dx and she wanted to do the T3 because it was supposed to help with the depression better than T4. i think she thinks depression is my main problem. she didn't see that either T3 T4 were low. "they were normal" but i told her i did the math and they were in the lower % as above.
    also i need to find a place to do the saliva test, does anyone know if taking T3would affect the results of the test?

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