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    NTI appliance

    Has anyone had experience with an NTI appliance?
    In continuation of my thread that was closed.....
    Doctor number 3 today suggests this appliance that fits over the front 2 teeth only so that I will not be able to touch my back teeth to grind and clench anymore
    He recommends cervical physical therapy along with it and a checkup 2 months after
    His findings were that I was not in horrible shape, some arthritis in the joint and a little displacement but he feels the current guard I have is causing a lot of it because I can still clench down on it in my sleep- his specialty is head and neck pain related to TMD
    Compared to docotor number 1 that wants to do a complete bite occlusion at 750 and Doctor number 2 that wants me to wear an orthotic on the roof of my mouth for a few months and do Invisalign for 6300, this one is 370 for the appliance and my insurance covers PT.....a lot to think on as I have read the NTI can cause bite changes but he feels this is all I need and I don't need to spend a lot to get better which he has the full facility and treats all levels of TMD to of easily come up with a more involved costly treatment I feel if all he was out for was the money
    Doctor number 4 is on the 1st of September and I will have to make a decision that I feel most comfortable with
    Any feedback on these type of appliances I would greatly appreciate and I do understand not everyone is the same and it may be different for me I am just looking for experiences to gather more information

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    Re: NTI appliance

    I've had tons of experience with various splints and other TMJD treatments. I'm doing well now after years of trying to figure things out.

    Personally, I absolutely hate the NTI's. I tried them 3 separate times. Twice with leading TMJ dentists. I ended up in much more pain and couldn't get past a week. One was completely customized and adjusted multiple times and nothing helped. The pain was so much worse than what I was already dealing with. It hurt so badly that I refused to continue. In working with my last orthodontic TMJ specialist, he was able to customize a totally different type of splint that worked great at helping prevent my molars from touching when I slept. It also help hold my jaw in a forward position when I was sleeping. It took a bit of getting used to, but I LOVED it for the results. I know some people must have success with NTI's because they are so popular, but I wouldn't wish one on someone else if they have an experience like I did.

    Good PT is absolutely a huge help in 'healing' from TMJD. There are muscular and myofascial issues that go along with having TMJD. The PT is a great complement to any treatment. Even now, about 3 years since I was 'released' from TMJD treatment, I still seek out PT when I feel things begin tightening up. I love oral trigger point releases. They are extremely painful, but I felt so much better after. It is very hard to find PT's for that. Manual work on the face/neck/shoulders/hips really really helps since when the jaw is off, it actually places the rest of your body out of kilter.

    What type of appliance does your other dentist want you to use? If it is an ALF, I think it is worth exploring. I've read good things about it and have chatted with people who had some success. I couldn't afford it at the time I could have used it most.
    If you haven't read it, I highly recommend the book The TMJ Healing Plan by Cynthia Peterson. She is a PT who specializes in TMJD and ergonomics. It has a lot of good information and suggestions for things to try. There is also an online video of one of her trainings that has some great information.
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    Re: NTI appliance

    Thank you for that information I will be reading that book
    The guard I have now is a full top acrylic that snaps into my teeth perfectly- that dentist practices older techniques I am now learning in that I went through having that adjusted weekly for about 6 months, he would shave more and more off the guard towards the back to supposedly get my jaw comfortable and keep my back crowned molar from hitting it and flaring up that nerve again
    It worked, I really felt better and after I was stable for awhile he did do a bite occlusion taking small points off that were hitting hard throughout my entire mouth using the blue carbon paper technique which again I have learned is kinda old school
    I felt great and out of nowhere I was eating dinner one night and felt a horrible pain In the jaw joint on the left side- I think I opened way to wide and had my head turned sideways trying to eat fast while doing multiple chores at the same time
    I couldn't finish my dinner because chewing felt weird and painful, like my jaw was going sideways so I put my guard in took some Advil and went to bed
    Next day it got worse and worse going into my ear, facial pain and nothing would take it away like the very first flare up I had about a year ago and of course it was on a weekend
    So in a nutshell that dentist told me I have to learn to deal with flare ups and gave me a rx for steroids when it does and that my bite and my guard were in correct place. He also told me its my bone spur of which he had no idea I had one until a week before this when I had a catscan from my doctor for the ear plugging issues. He can't help me anymore I have exhausted his expertise of which again, I did not know enough about this to know how complex it is and how important it is to have the correct treatment with doctors and dentists with the correct training
    So in my quest of many consultations and 1 more to go the orthodontist I saw that has extensive TMJ training wants to use an orthodic for several months and it's not type you mentioned
    It's an acrylic piece with points coming off the sides that molds to the roof of my mouth and is to be worn all the time except when eating or drinking anything but water
    I have zero experience with orthodontists so this is all new to me as to what they use and how it all works - supposedly this little piece is his tool in figuring out where my jaw is most comfortable
    The one that wants me to try the NTI appliance with PT claims for 90% of people that is all they need, he didn't see anything major in my scan and said my jaw is Not off that much to be spending Unnessary money....the appliance was molded in office to my front teeth, and done in 20 minutes and I have not started wearing it yet because it's so small I'm afraid if it comes off I will swallow it in my sleep! Lol
    But he was so far away I figured I would get it and try it- it didn't cost much at all to try and see if it works and he has a 100% money back guarantee on his services
    September 1st I see the last one on my list and I hope he falls somewhere in conjunction with 1 of the other 3 because this has gotten more confusing rather than helpful with 3 different approaches and 3 extreme price differences
    I would say right now I am about 90% and I would be the happiest person ever IF it never got worse than this but I have days where I am sore and take Advil like candy and I most afraid of having those flare ups because they are so excruciating and nothing takes the pain away....and I do feel my bite is not correct, I am cross biting to avoid the discomfort which I feel is where the discomfort is coming from - if I bite straight down I hit on the back left and my right back hardly touches and my front teeth don't at all
    I don't even know what is a normal bite anymore
    My chiro has helped me the most so I think I will do the PT, the script he wrote is for cervical PT with TENS and heat, when he pushed on a point below the neck in the shoulder area I screamed and it goes along with what my chiro said about how tight my muscles are and the disc degeneration in my neck

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