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ambermeow 03-04-2018 01:06 AM

TMJ Disorder suspected
So I'm 21, and have been dealing with pain in my jaw on and off over the last couple years. It starts as a dull ache on one side of my face, and slowly over like a couple days gets worse and worse, it turns into throbbing in my jaw, and hurts all the way down my neck. It also hurts my teeth to chew and ive been to the dentist many times and he says he cant see anything wrong with my teeth on xrays so he suggested that I get a night guard made because I grind my teeth and the inside of my cheeks are white from it. Also what happends when it starts up is everything will be feeling swollen, and dry feeling. Ive been to the ER a few times it gets so bad, advil helps but it causes me to bruise in combination with my anxiety medicine but it leaves me no other choice if I want some relief for a couple hours. ive also been rescribed Tramadol but I take it once and then the next dady it doesn't do anything. Ice and heat also do nothing to stop the throbbing pain, I'm unsure if injections will help or if I'm going to need surgery in the future like my mom was told she'd need. I'm just really not in a position to miss work because of this pain, or look like I'm being beat up because the combination of advil and my medicine. Its also not an option to stop taking my anxiety medicine so I'm lost at what the long term will look like for me. any suggestions would be apreciiated or let me know if you think this sounds like tmj disorder? Thank you for reading.

skyrez 03-05-2018 08:03 PM

Re: TMJ Disorder suspected
It does sound like some TMJ going on there. Look for a specialist in your area, try and get one of those CT Cone Bean xrays that look at the joints and muscles in a 3D view. Maybe some PT would help.
Im new to TMJ, been dealing with it for about 6 months been one thing after the other. Seems to be a muscle issue not a joint/disk issue for me. I got Working on PT, had to take a break due to multi recent tooth extractions.

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