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melody84 02-08-2021 09:09 AM

Popping/clunking sensation in throat
(36/F) For the last week, I am having a popping/clicking/clunking sensation at the top of my throat sometimes when I swallow. Mostly when in bed on my stomach and on the right side of my face (facing left), but sometimes when I am sitting up especially right after I get out of bed. It doesn't do it all the time and I can't always reproduce it. Today, it is definitely doing it more. Almost feels like a rubber band hitting the back of my throat right at the top of the curved bend below my chin when I swallow, but sometimes feels lower. It doesn't pop if I am looking up. When I burp it feels like it would relieve the popping, but it doesn't. I don't believe I have an enlarged hyoid bone or any other strange throat anatomy and my doctor, dentist, and PT didn't seem to think so either. Doesn't hurt but is uncomfortable and is giving me horrible anxiety. The anxiety makes me nauseous and the dry heaving makes my throat feel like there is a lump in it and that seems to be making the problem worse. And all of this causes me to compulsively swallow trying to reproduce the feeling and understand what is happening. What could be causing this clicking in my throat?

I have had clicking in the right side of my jaw for several years, but early January jaw was tight on that side and wouldn't open all the way but wasn't clicking anymore. I went to the dentist (Jan 27) for cleaning and told her of my issues. She confirmed I have a necrotic tooth and scheduled a root canal (for 10 days from now) and PT for the jaw. Jaw stopped hurting the next day and went back to clicking. No real tooth pain except what felt like gum irritation and swollen palate, but now I'm 2 days into a 7 day antibiotic cycle and feel better. Throat was not clicking at that point.

I saw my general doctor (Feb 1) for this and other issues. At that point the popping sensation had only been happening for a 2 consecutive nights and going away when I got out of bed. I wasn't able to reproduce the sensation when I was in her office. She didn't seem very concerned about it and didn't offer an explanation for what could be causing the popping sensation when I swallow but thought talking to PT about it was a good idea. She did check my thyroid (all normal) and told me that she would follow up with me after the appointment with a PT I had scheduled already for my jaw.

Saw PT a few days ago (Jan 4). He said I have a lot of tension in my jaw, neck, shoulders that it could be pulling on some of the cartilage in my throat and that the inflammation from my tooth could be compounding the issues. He said I have a slight narrowing in my cervical spine but didn't think that I wouldn't have adequate room to swallow and thinks the narrowing can be corrected with chin retraction stretches. He told me to eat soft foods, do special stretches 3 times a day and follow up with him after my root canal. The stretches may be helping my jaw (mostly a tongue push-up off the roof of my mouth slowly). I have ordered a special teeth guard to help with jaw clenching.

I have been losing sleep over all of this, but I feel that the popping sensation in my throat is causing me the most anxiety. Could this just be exaggerated swallow noises that are normal? This doesn't feel normal. It feels like a small clunk in my throat when I swallow. I think I need to schedule an appointment with an ENT specialist, but I'm getting frustrated paying hundreds for Dr. appointments where they just say "let me know if it gets worse." Just looking for any knowledge or advice.

melody84 02-09-2021 07:12 AM

Re: Popping/clunking sensation in throat

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