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emmab 12-16-2001 07:49 PM

TMJ and tooth sensitivity
Just wondered if any of you have found that when you have an episode of TMJ, your teeth feel more sensitive to cold/hot etc? I read on a website that they can be linked.

Bren30 12-16-2001 10:45 PM

I agree.. I can only eat off certian forks or spoons..They taste like metal sometimes and when the radio is too loud it really hurts my teeth.Call me crazy, My husband does. But I have very sensitive teeth. Alot of things are caused TMJD.
Its the devil.Belive me. [img][/img]
What bothers your teeth? Maybe Im not alone?

dawn2 12-17-2001 07:16 AM

Dear Em/Bren:
Yes, tmj causes your teeth to be sensitive. My doc recommended using Sensodyne toothpaste. It takes about a week of using it and no other toothpaste to really help. It did make a difference for me. It isn't a cure all, but it helps. TMJ has sooooo many perks. Do either of you get bleeding nasally from tmj? I've read that it blocks the glands that go to the nose, therefore, causing dryness which causes bleeding. I read thru all the symptoms list and didn't note that anyone has nose sores. I have a friend with fibro and she gets nose sores regularly. Just wondering if this is common or I have something else going on here! Thanks and good luck with trying sensodyne if you choose to. Dawn

Bren30 12-17-2001 12:10 PM

Dawn..You know with the Fibro.If you have ever read a list of symptoms .They match about 7 of the 10 with TMJD. I really think the pain association with the two are alot alike .If you get a chance read up on Fibro and you compare your symptoms.Even though I just had TMJD surgery and my disc is back where it's supose to be.I still have an all over muscle pain..And all that takes is just a brush against me to grabing me around my ribs playing.It leaves a longing pain,Like you sensors don't turn off and say OK it's over.
Anyway....give it a look more about it. :round:

J-man 12-18-2001 09:36 PM

Hi Em,

Yes there's definitely a relationship between Tmjd and tooth sensitivity. With people who grind or clench their teeth alot, this can affect the tooth structure . I'm not exactly sure how it works, whether it's due to the nerves in your teeth being compressed by the bite force, or the dentin being exposed, as your teeth are worn away,but somehow this causes the sensitivity.

In my case I had tooth sensitivity improved for some of my teeth by my dentist apply a desensitizing agent to them. For teeth that were more sensitive, a 'bonding agent' was needed to do the trick. But if the teeth are continuing to contact hard, the problem may perpetuate.

God bless,


Erricca 12-28-2001 04:32 AM

I read a long time ago that splints that are high (thick) can cause tooth sensitivity because it has something to do with the ligaments inside the gums being stretched. I think "stretched" was the word used. Anyway, it has something to do with moving the ligaments. I believe this because splint rotated and pushed my lower back teeth into my gums. While I was unaware that that was happening to my teeth, I began experiencing teeth sensitivity. I ignored the teeth sensitivity at that time because I thought it was impossible for a splint to cause teeth sensitivity. It was not until months later when I read something from a dental office that splints can cause tooth sensitivity. These dentists should let us know EVERYTHING there is to know about splints before letting us wear them.

cyclonus7 02-03-2003 08:46 AM

I'm so glad to hear this. I was so worried something more was wrong with me. My teeth usually feel really weird if I let my jaw do what it wants, especially after I pop it back into place. I do have a deviated septum and it seems that as my jaw has gotten worse, I have had some issues with my nose...on the right side. My nose is "sore" or really sensitive on that side and the teeth directly under my right nostril feel numb at times, especially when my nose feels bad.

Piperdreams 02-05-2003 07:38 AM


What is exactly a desensitizing agent? Is it the foam high fluoride application? I have sensitive teeth and have been using Crest sensitivity toothpaste along with ACT fluoride rinse. They helped some but I have three "sensitive" molars that is constantly bothering me.

By the way, has anybody used GelKam? It is a gel type high fluoride dentrifice for sensitive teeth. It is available OTC now, bit costly ($9 for a 4.3 oz tube). I just started using it. I remain hopeful.


sunshine123 02-05-2003 10:12 AM

Hi Piper: My teeth are also extremely sensitive. I tried Gel Kam at one point, but it didn't help me. Now I use Prevident gel (RX) and it's a little bit better. I also have some Oral B Flourinse that I got from a previous DDS office. Good luck with the Gel Kam.

sunshine123 02-05-2003 04:57 PM

Hi everyone: I saw my DDS today and I asked him about my continuing tooth sensitivity. The hygniest there suggested having a varnish applied to the roots of all my teeth. So I had that done today. She applied the varnish with this thin stick and then used a little light on the teeth afterwards. I hope to God it works b/c I'm tired of having sharp pains, etc. in my teeth. We were discussing toothpastes and she said that RX Prevident is good (I'm already using it) and that if I use another toothpaste for sensitive teeth NOT to use one that also has a whitening agent in it. I hope this info helps someone else who's suffering.

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