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CherylL24 05-02-2003 02:24 PM

A better experience with the tmjd doc.....

We went back to the tmjd doc today to pick up the "fixed" splint, and drop off the MRI's he wanted to review. I actually feel better since this visit. I'm usually sort of passive while I'm there, but this time I asked alot of questions and brought up the stress bit he keeps pushing, not in a mean way, but a firm one. I think he actually listened to me this time. When stress was brought up I told him exactly how I felt. I know my son better than anyone else out there and I do not feel that this is entirely stress-related. He was a happy, normal kid prior to all of this. He listened to my explanation as to what I think could've been a factor in all of this,(metal molar bands) and said that very well may be the cause, along with the fact that long after the last molar band fell off a habit (clenching) was already started. It doesn't help that he has a bad bite, either. (My son even spoke up more than normal and told him that he purposely started clenching while having these bands on because he kept cutting his tongue on them and after the left side fell off, the right was too high so clenching was becoming comfortable for him) He didn't bring up a pain clinic anymore, instead telling him that he feels that the combination of these 2 splints should start offering him some relief, which in turn, made me happy. (HOPE) It's just so nice when you ask questions and get answers, and you're listened to by a doctor!


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OHJELJ 05-02-2003 02:50 PM

Good for you Cheryl! I'm not sure if you're going to the Case Reserve guys in Lakewood, but if you are, I had to do the same thing! They didn't let me get a word in edgewise until I started speaking out and telling them what I thought. My PT says she has to do the same thing with them....I don't think it's us as patients. I think it's just the surgeon mentality with most of have to be the Big DOG if you want to get any results!

Good for you!!! [img][/img]
Knock some sense into those turkeys!!

TC543 05-02-2003 02:52 PM


I have noticed that doctors really don't like for me to ask alot of questions, but that DOESN'T STOP ME!! :) It's like we are taking up too much of their time. I understand that some of the questions may seem unimportant or redundant, to them, as they already have all the information, but they just have to understand that we NEED to know!!

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Cymy Sue 05-02-2003 03:18 PM


I'm so happy to hear the news. It sounds like you have accomplished a great deal in a short time. It also sounds like there's going to be a turn around in Mike's treatment.

Cymy Sue

CherylL24 05-02-2003 03:51 PM

To all-I owe a very big thank you to everyone on this board, who have offered advice, support, and answered many of my questions. I've learned the most from all of you, and I'm grateful for that. I understand it's still going to be a long road, but I feel that I'm finally starting to get somewhere. (somewhere might not be far, but it's a start) Thanks to all of you and I hope you all have a good night. :)


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TiffanyAnn 05-02-2003 07:13 PM

Hi Cheryl:
WTG.... :dancing: I'm so glad to hear that you finally found someone who you feel is listening to you and validating your feelings on what might have been the cause rather than just giving you and your son the old give me my money and brush off routine. :bouncing: Sometimes it takes alot of energy and alot of persistance and it's so nice when someone finally listens to us and validates our feelings instead of telling us it's in our head. Great job. [img][/img]

CherylL24 05-02-2003 07:24 PM

Thanks Tiffany,

I'm just glad that he finally listened, it's a start. Sometimes when doctors don't bother to listen, they make you feel like you're a stress-out nutbag, or making it up.(like my kid really enjoys sitting at home with his head killing him...) As for me, I am stressed-out, but not a nutbag....yet. :) How have you been, Tiffany? I haven't seen you on the board too much lately. Everything ok? Ya know, we're always here to talk to.


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shell389 05-02-2003 07:26 PM

Cheryl, That is great that you spoke up and feel that they listened. Tell Mike he is very brave to speak up too. I know exactly what he means about clenching because it made things feel more comfortable when that molar thing was too high.

I hope and pray that these splints really do help Mike. They do help alot of people and he will be one of them. Just keep believing that. Get them adjusted whenever he thinks they feel a bit off. That always helps too. My upper one was really working for me for awhile there but I started clenching on it too much at nighttime during my PMS week. Since Mike is a guy maybe he won't have that problem.

My impression went fine today. I thought of you with the cornflake to distract me. Too bad I couldn't laugh with all that gunk in my mouth. The dentist was so funny today. He was determined to find me this catalog he had gotten that has things in it that help you if you have to use the phone or computer alot for your job. I do medical billing for 3 psycologists from home and spend alot of time on the phone with insurance companies. Anyway, after 15 minutes of looking through everything on his desk he gave up and promised to find it for me when I come back in for my new splint. That should be in 10-14 days. He is just such a nice man. I am so glad to have found him for this problem. He is very honest too. That is so hard to find.

Well, keep me posted on how Mike is doing. Hope you have a great weekend. Do you have any exciting plans. Emily and I are going to a community day at the local college tomorrow. It is fun for her, they have alot of activities for the kids. Take care, Shell

TiffanyAnn 05-02-2003 07:28 PM

Hi Cheryl:
I haven't been posting as much lately because I have been in so much pain and so depressed. Today is a bit better and I will take any improvement that I can get. I thank you for asking. It means so much to me that you guys have become my friends and look for me when I have not posted for a little while. Thanks so much. You want to adopt another kid? :D

CherylL24 05-02-2003 07:38 PM


We worry about you!!! Everyone here cares and understands, so when you're down in the dumps...start writing. Yeah, Tiffany, I'll adopt you....I always wanted a daughter, too! But from your past posts, I think we're around the same age, I think! :)


CherylL24 05-02-2003 08:04 PM


I'm glad you've found a good doctor. It really sounds like he's taking the time with you, and that's important. I'm sure this new splint is really going to work for you, Shell. It's really important to get a good chair with lumbar support, and make sure that when you look at your monitor, it's at eye level. I understand that bad posture can really make tmj problems far worse. (although i do find myself slouching alot)

After wearing his splint today for about 2 hours, he said that the muscles around his jaw were soooo sore. I take this as a good sign, they're trying to relax and have been clenched so long that they're sore. (I hope that's it) I have a really good feeling about him wearing these 2 splints. I know it took awhile to become this way, so I expect for it to take some time to get back on track.

Boy, I wish he would want to go somewhere like you and Emily are going. He's at that age where the things that I think are fun, he doesn't think so anymore. We'll probably go see a movie that he's been wanting to see for awhile, and he's been bugging me about going ice skating. I don't mind going, but when we get there, he leaves me. ( so I skate around alone) I guess it's not so cool to go with mom anymore!

My husband was laughing at me for telling you about my cornflake incident, saying that everyone knows now, and they're probably all laughing at me, but hey, we all do embarrassing things at one time or another!

Well, I hope you and Emily have a good weekend. Let me know how things are going. Oh, tonight's the night you're no longer taking flexeril, huh? Talk to you soon. Take Care,


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OHJELJ 05-05-2003 08:18 AM

Hey Cheryl,

Glad you've found someone else to treat Mike...sounds like you've got the docs on the straight and narrow! Way to go! Sometimes you just have to let them know that you've done your homework and know what you're talking about!

I hope the new splint works and you guys finally get some peace! You need to go see Anger Management with Adam'll appreciate some of the 'tools' he's given to deal with being so angry and not letting it out! It's wonderful!

Hope you have a great week!

CherylL24 05-05-2003 11:39 AM

Heya Jennifer,

The bad thing is (with these doctors) sometimes when you let them know that you've done research, they don't seem to like that. They get an attitude. How have you been lately?

That movie with Adam Sandler does look really good. I'm sure that my son will start hounding me about that one soon. He's waiting for that 2nd Matrix, it comes out sometime this month. One day it's 75 and warm, and the next it's 50 and cold. I wish the warm weather would come already! You have a really good week, too! Hopefully we'll see more of those 75 degree days soon!

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OHJELJ 05-05-2003 01:25 PM

Hey Cheryl...I am SO OVER this weather too! I had a great weekend and am paying for it today...thanks for asking. I'm going through a really rough period right job is ending in a few months and I have to start interviewing...I'm not quite up to it yet, but have no choice. I just don't feel like myself lately...guess I'm going through a little depression's tough to put on the 'corporate face' when it hurts to smile for too long!

My tests results for my endoscopy came out great which was good...the Bextra didn't fry me long term luckily. I'll be on some meds for the next three months and then hopefully will be in the clear. I'm trying to find the positives in everything, but it's just hard right now. The sun coming out really helps I guess. I actually worked from home today because I just couldn't face explaining that I don't feel well again....

Sigh...I hope the weather continues to be sunny!! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful afternoon!

Take care,

CherylL24 05-05-2003 01:57 PM

Heya Jennifer,

Jobs aren't dime a dozen are they? With the economy the way that it is, notice how small the classifieds are? Things will start coming along soon, and I'm sure that you both will find better out there.

I'm glad to hear that your endoscopy turned out ok. :)I'm sure that's a load off of your mind.

As for the weather, doesn't it seem as though when it is bright and sunny, our moods are better? Try to keep yourself up. I just can't wait until it's warm all the time, winter always seems to do me in. From what I've heard, we're supposed to be getting some really bad thunderstorms later, I just hate those. Well, enjoy the rest of the sun before the clouds come!


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