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abby320 05-06-2003 05:59 PM

PT Advice
I don't have an appt. w/the oral surgeon until June 3 and I don't want to wait that long before doing something about my pain. In looking for a PT what should I ask of them before letting someone touch me? Thank you.

sandra1 05-06-2003 09:17 PM

Hi Abby,

That's a long wait for you to see your oral surgeon. If you do see your pt before you see your surgeon... if I were you, I would tell them right up, that you havn't seen your specialist yet and tell them the pains or problems you have with your joints. Because, if they don't know very much about what you are going through, they could cause more damage. That's just my opinion, based on my experience with pt. I was refer to a pt after I have been with my specialist, and after I finished my first three months of splint therapy. The pt couldn't work on me until I finished my splint.

But my best advice to you, is go see your surgeon in June first, and then go to a pt. I think that's a safer way to do it.


p-nacho 05-07-2003 10:54 PM

Heya abby320. There are seminars offered now for them specifically for tmjd. One thing you might could ask is if they have attended one of them. I think the advice above is good too. If you aren't going to surgeon for a while.. pt might be a risky thing to do... might do more harm than good. There are other things you could do such as ice and muscle relaxers to ease your suffering in the meantime. Things that wouldn't necessarily risk more damage.


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