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Got x-rays back

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Old 05-16-2003, 07:09 AM   #1
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HRevero HB User
Post Got x-rays back

Well I got them. It turns out that I have both of my disks dislocated forward. My right side has alot more damage to it then the left. I have some carbon deposits.
He said that I will never become fully better but I should be better if treated correctly. He suggests (because the root of it all is still muscular but I am having joint problems as well) that I go get hypnotized. He said that as long as I continue clenching and all the other things I do that I am not aware of will always make me regress.
But remember this guy refuses to help me any further. He bascially threw me in th eocean without any paddles, just instructions that are bascially in a different language.
He says I need a hypnosist and he has one, but won't refer me.
He says that I will need a new splint very soon, but won't make me one.
He read my x- rays to me, but says chances are other people won't be able to.

I guess you can say that I am lost now. I only have a few more visits to physical therapy left and after that the insurance will not pay for it.
He totally screwed me and admitted to it, but still won't treat me. But even if he did changed his mind I don't know if I would feel comfortable with him.
Any advice? Has anyone done hypnosis?

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Old 05-16-2003, 09:44 AM   #2
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Red face

Heather....first off, sorry you have such a loser for a doctor! Secondly, why can't you get better???? I am so confused. I had both discs dislocate in two different directions and severe scar tissues, lesions you name it, and they fixed me! I had salads for lunch AND dinner yesterday???!!!!

I think you need to get those Xrays and find a new doc that can actually help and not blow smoke you know where. The hypnosis thing is utter garbage. The splint should keep you from grinding and clenching. They should also be medicating you to help you get out of the habit...I know you guys are trying to have kids, but you need to get healthy first and if you need meds to get you through this bad patch, maybe you should give it some thought...I'm in the same boat as you since I just turned 36 and want kids terribly...but I just have to give my body a chance to heal a little before I put that stress on stinks to wait, but it will be worth it...

I know you don't want to hear anything like this considering what a jerk your doctor was to you...but sometimes you just need to reorganize priorities and take care of yourself first.

If another doc says splints won't help and you can't stand the pain, then you should give serious thought to surgery. I know there are two sides to every decision, but I chose to live life as well as I could. My muscles would not give up until the discs were where they jaw is doing really well now and I'm beginning to surface from the misery I've lived in for what seems forever. I am still in PT for a few more months since they want the muscles to keep stretching and calm down more...but other than that, I'm on no drugs and besides a few fluke headaches that they think were brought on by nerves irritated by some vestibular therapy, I've been really enjoying the new food choices I have again! Not to mention I'm able to work out (carefully) and it feels great to move without pain!

SO, sorry, your doctor just made me so mad! He has no right to fluff you off with hypnosis as a cure...dork!

Find another and get those xrays read again....

Good luck! Big hug to you!

Old 05-16-2003, 10:39 AM   #3
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crystalll HB User

Take your x-rays and RUN......

Please find another dentist who specializes in TMJ disorders. Splint therapy may possibly help.

Good luck.


Old 05-16-2003, 10:43 AM   #4
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sandra1 HB User
Red face

Hi Heather,

I have to agree with from your dentist to a another need proper treatment. Get another specialist to have another look at your can't fool around with this stuff...especially if you have disks dislocated forward. Run to a new doctor!

Wish you all the best, and take the way what kind of x-ray did you have to show what condition you were in?


Old 05-16-2003, 11:35 AM   #5
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from pior experience, an MRI is more of a diagnostic tool
in getting a proper diagnosis. Have you had one? Xrays
are ok but don't show the whole picture (bones, ligaments, Muscles, etc)

Old 05-16-2003, 02:16 PM   #6
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CherylL24 HB UserCherylL24 HB UserCherylL24 HB User

Heya Heather,

This guy sounds like an idiot. Is this the guy that you had to drive over an hour to see? Get your x-rays and find someone else. If you have muscular AND joint problems, hypnosis isn't going to make you all better. I tried hypnosis quite a few years back (I was desperate, and I tried to have an open mind about it all) and it was a joke. Didn't help one bit, and cost me...$$$$. Your problems are not in your head. (well, they are, but not the portion of the head that he's referring to!) As for the x-rays,why did he say that chances are, others won't be able to read these x-rays? I take it he was the only person that graduated from his school of x-ray reading, huh?

I understand that you want children, you've mentioned it quite abit lately. I agree with Jennifer, get some good help for yourself, first. As soon as things start going in the right direction, then it'll be time, besides women are having children later in life these days. At this point, I don't think my body could handle it. Get yourself well, first, then you'll physically be ready for a baby.

Hang in there, Heather, and start looking for a new doctor! We just all have to find the "right" one.

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Old 05-16-2003, 02:19 PM   #7
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TiffanyAnn HB User

I'm so sorry to hear yet another story about some blood sucking piece of trash of a doctor who messed someone else up and then tells them to hit the road. But what I would do is first off tell him EXACTLY what I think of him in no uncertain terms, take my x-rays and run like crazy to someone else. I would also file a complaint against him with the AMA or if he is a dentist with the dental association. They usually don't do anything but if they get enough complaints on their record it starts to effect them (so I've been told). Please take your x-rays to someone else and don't let this vermin get you down. Keep looking until you find someone who will help you.

Old 05-16-2003, 03:41 PM   #8
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hbep HB Userhbep HB Userhbep HB User


Apologies, I realise you don't know me very well, only recently got my tmjd diagnosis so haven't been on here v. long, but read your post and was so outraged on your behalf just had to say something.

If you had an electrician come to your house and he was a) Rude b) Arrogant and c) Didn't actually sort out your electrics properly - would you ask him back to fix your electrics again? Dentist/doctors, all of them, they're no different from any other profession, some are great, but some are rude/rubbish, but because we need them and they get to us when we're ill and vulnerable they can really undermine your confidence, and we actually end up giving more money to people who are patently bad at their job. Get away from him, life is too short. As Tiffany says, he's vermin (lol by the way Tiffany - sums things up nicely)

ps Can't get better just means 'I don't know how to fix the problem, or alternatively, I'm not prepared to. Can't get better - the arrogance of the man!


Old 05-17-2003, 10:42 AM   #9
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p-nacho HB User

Heya Heather! Sorry to hear about your doc problems. I know it's so hard to hear such news from a professional that we are supposed to trust, but I refuse to believe that you aren't going to fully recover. I really think that there is a treatment out there that is going to cure you so that you will live pain free one day! I'm glad that you got the xrays so that you can show them to the next doctor you go to see, but try not to take what this guy (who refuses to help you) too much to heart. He obviously can not help you which is good because you know this up front without having to waste a lot of money with a doctor who is incompetent!


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