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TMJD and Bulimia

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Old 05-19-2003, 05:01 PM   #1
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mrsumer HB User
Post TMJD and Bulimia

Hello all,
I haven't been back to the board because of a hetic work schedule, but I would like to throw out this item. Has anyone had a problem with bulimia prior to TMJD? I had forgotten, because I did not think the two were related, but I was bulimic for about a year prior to my TMJD issues. I did some (little) research on the web and found that there was a Correlation between TMJD and bulimia. I haven't had the nerve to ask my TMJD DMD Dentist if he has any knowledge to confirm this ideology. Just wanted to ask if anyone thought the two might be related. I am guessing that bulimia is more prevelant in women than in men. I had treatment and haven't been bulimic in about a year or so. My last symptom of TMJD, tinnitus has subside to almost not existant levels, only when I am very stressed out does it become bothersome. I am still wearing a splint, but hope...hope...repeat hope to diminish wearing time gradually. Take care.

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Old 05-19-2003, 05:53 PM   #2
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TiffanyAnn HB User

I'm guessing the only real correlation between TMJ and bulimia would be that when a person is bulimic they most usually stick their finger down their throat to make themselves throw up and in order to do that you must open your mouth very wide thereby either causing or adding to the TMJ.

Old 05-19-2003, 10:22 PM   #3
katte 28
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Mrsumer ,
Out of curiousity , I once asked my TMJ doc about the correlation between bulimia and TMJ. Mine was not caused by this but I thought it would be good to know. He says starvation or lack of good nutrition can cause problems in the muscles and bones. The disks especially , because they can be deprieved of calcium and get worn down. Which can lead to osteo arthritis...Or like Tiffany said opening the mouth wide too often and bothering the throat muscles isn't good , either. I forget what else he said , but he did ask me if I was ever bulimic or anorexic. Hope this helps... I'm so sorry that you have TMJ because of another disorder. Take good care of yourself and let us know how you're doing.
Katte 28

Old 05-19-2003, 11:59 PM   #4
Cymy Sue
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Cymy Sue HB User

Just a thought from an "Old Timer" with TMJD.

I've never suffered bulimia and have to be really sick to throw up.
With badly damaged joints for years, the few times I have thrown up caused my joints to flare-up awful with pain & muscle spasms. Once, several years ago, after an episode of food poisoning, it felt like it pulled the my joints out of position for several days.

I don't know medically what this does, but from experience, I believe it puts a terrible strain on the TM joints.

Cymy Sue

Old 06-23-2010, 12:06 PM   #5
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refluxvictim HB User
Re: TMJD and Bulimia

Hey dear,

yes, TMJ is related to Bulimia. Let me tell you why- first, the acids in your stomach now can escape into your esophagus up to your jaw, when it hits the jaw nerves, you get an inflammations on that area, and the nerves also hurt, and you have TMJ...

now youre asking why can the stomach acids escape?

because the muscle (lower esophagus sphincter) is so so weak due to previous purging/vomitting...

I have TMJ because of bulimia; the TMJ is a result of SILENT/chronic "GERD"...the gerd I have is because my Lower esophagus sphincter muscle is ruined, this very precious muscle that keeps the acids down in the stomach; this little muscle is ruined because the purging weakened it...and ruined it.

This is how i deal with the silent GERD that causes TMJ
1. sleep in a sitting position
2. avoid bending down
3. try protein pump inhibitors EVERY day with probiotic
4. watch my diet
5. have my esophagus monitered on endoscopy

i have severe silent GERD
it is painful

do you chew and spit too?
I do sometimes increases the silent GERD and TMJ.
let me know.

please stop purging as soon as possible. the esophagus may be permanently damaged, and that muscle weakens to a point food may start to go back up.

i only had bulimia for 6 months, but developed this severe severe silent chornic gerd; the GERD causes my TMJ, sinus damage, and painful esophagus/throat burns.

God bless.

Old 06-23-2010, 04:23 PM   #6
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LauraLu HB UserLauraLu HB User
Re: TMJD and Bulimia

WOW! I am so glad I read this's totally me! Last summer was the summer from hell for me. I was stressed beyond belief planning a wedding and out of a job. My fiance as NEVER home due to a business and I was caring for a 2 year old - ALONE!
Needless to say, my headaches were out of control. It got to the point that I actually started making myself throw-up because I thought it made the pain better - temporarily of course. Each day became more and more severe and my weight went from 160lbs in March 09 to 130lb in July 09. I was not trying to lose the weight. The vomiting just became a daily habit. I was not eating properly to begin with and I was a wreck - physically and emotionally.
The headaches gradually did get a bit better when I stopped the vomiting. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and find that after I throw-up from morning sickness, my jaw aches. Please don't worry though - I am taking proper care of myself and eating much better. My weight is up to 138lbs now.
Soooo, It is interesting to see that there is a correlation between these too things. It's odd that I never considered myself "bulimic" last year, but looking back on it, I was! And the pain was SEVERE when it occured too.

Last edited by LauraLu; 06-23-2010 at 04:25 PM.

Old 06-24-2010, 08:13 AM   #7
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refluxvictim HB User
Re: TMJD and Bulimia

Hello LauraLu,

I understand your pain because I had bulimia due to two different reasons; the first reason was psychological, the unexpected death of my loved one
and the second was biological, I had previously removed my gallbladder, and had symptoms of bile reflux- meaning that whenever i ate , my stomach would burn alot and so i would have to go for hours to digest, until i decided i would eat when hungry and throw up so ill avoid 3-4 hrs of stomach aches. Two reasons together made me feel an urge to throw up.

we should not purge or forcefully throw up....because.......The more we(force) yourself to throw up, the more that little tiny precious muscle on top of the stomach that KEEPS the stomach acid in the stomach weakens; it only took 6 months of throwing up for me to make that muscle dysfunctional.

Now i suffer from GERD, and it is chronic. GERD is when the stomach acid known as hydrochloric acid goes up to throat/jaw/ears/nose

bulimia causes CHRONIC GERD, and chronic GERD is the nightmare on earth; it is a daily daily struggle; the symptoms vary depending on the person, and some people have all the below, like ME:
in throat it causes a sensation of something in middle of throat
in jaw it causes TMJ
in ears it causes related mucous irritations and in nose it causes blocked nasals and sinus
in esophagus it causes esophagus burns, ulcerations, cancer
in lungs, it causes pneumonia when the person begins breathing the acids
in nose, it also causes a feeling of heat inside the nose

THE worst thing a person can do is induce vomitting; and purge; or throw up forcefully as in bulimia; this weakens that little precious very small muscle known as lower esophagus sphincter ; when acids of stomach which are as painful as diesel and benzene begin to escape into esophagus, jaw and throat, ears and nasals everytime we eat, overtime we have symptoms we are unable to live with in these areas...

this is known as GERD caused by bulimia

There is a surgery to correct the SMALL muscle and tighten it...known as fundoplication surgery.

Please if anyone knows any ex-bulimics who did the NISSAN fundoplication surgery, let me know because i would like to know if it worked on them. I am planning to DO the nissan fundoplication TO stop my reflux but I am not sure if this surgery WOULD work on EX-bulimics.

MY bulimia was so short, 6 months, but now 2 yrs from stopping the bulimia, I still suffer chronic GERD and take medications

medications are protein pump inhibitors and probiotic
protein pump inhibitors better known as PPI e.g. nexium eliminate all stomach acid, so there is no ACID to go back up and irritate my esophagus/throat/ears/nose, etc
BUT my stomach has no ACID, so this means less immunity, and more bacteria in stomach, and more tendencies for future cancer in intestines and colon, since stomach acid is necessary to digest and fight potential bacteria and parasites in foods...

I wish you all a healing life. God bless you.
Please do not purge. do not ruin that little precious muscle on the top of your stomach; surgery is very complex and dangerous, and it has to be repeated every 10- yrs and it is so expensive, and finally, it may NOT work; and it cannot be UNDONE.

once more, please, may this be my crying call; if you know any RECOVERED bulimics who did nissan fundoplication and it worked on THEM (reflux SURGERY), let me know. thankU.

reflux victim

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