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HRevero 05-28-2003 05:24 PM

Why do doctors jsut want to give you medication??? Why can't things work without the meds? They need to find something that will work for ALL cases that does not require taking meds. for life. I currently am not on any but my doctor wants me to be, and I know SO MANY of you are on pretty heavy stuff and I get concerend for you all. I know what the medicine is there for but why can't they find a treatment that takes away the pain, and heals the swollen areas without prescribing the whole pharmacy to us???

TiffanyAnn 05-28-2003 08:30 PM

Hi Heather:
Medications are a doctors life it seems. The truth is that for the most part doctors don't really have an answer to solve our problems and pains and it's very easy to prescribe something and move on. It's faster for them and requires little on their part. That has been my experience anyway. Doctors these days tend to over prescribe medications I think but I must be honest, if I didn't have the medications I take for pain and muscle relaxers as well as medication to help me sleep I would be in far worse shape than I am in. The medications help me get by but you are right, for most problems medications don't cure just are a bandaid for us.

cindirella 05-29-2003 07:32 AM

Hi Tiffany & Heather:
Since I am a monitor for clinical drug trials I am an advocate of medications if they are used properly and I do mean properly. The problem is that people abuse legal drugs as well and then there's a stigma.

I agree that non-drug treatment to get the root of the problem corrected is obviously optimal but there are people who have to lead a normal life everyday who could not if it weren't for medications. For me, with flying approx. 200 flights a year for work, have a very stressful job and having severe TMJ, I couldn't get along without it at times. Diabetics would die w/o insulin for an extreme example.

You also have to be pro-active w/ your physician and refuse medication if you absolutely do not want to take it and use the other alternatives until you hopefully find something to at least make you comfortable.

The sad reality, in CA. at least is that healthcare sucks and MDs don't get paid enough to spend the amount of time that we need to be treated correctly. Sometimes a naturopathic/chiropractic practitioner has more time and interest than an MD.


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