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list of symptoms - thorough enough?

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Old 08-12-2003, 05:36 PM   #1
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saaraah HB User
Question list of symptoms - thorough enough?

as some of you know, im seeing dr. rondeau tomorrow, and i've been busy compiling my medical history and list of current symptoms.

do you think that this list of symptoms is comprehensive enough?

Present Symptoms

Ear Pain, Ear Problems:
· Right ear pain [minimal]; Feeling of fullness in right ear

Eye Pain and Eye Problems:
· Bloodshot eyes [allergies?]
· Drooping of right eye lid [genetics?]
· Light sensitivity
· Watering of the eyes

Head Pain, Headache Problems, Facial Pain:
· Forehead pain
o Between eyebrows [dull ache, feels tight]
· "Migraine" type headache
o Starts as dull ache, gets worse within 5-15 minutes; one sided: around & behind eye, TMJ, facial, temples, neck muscles all hurt, light/noise/smell sensitivity, nausea
· Muscle pain
o Masseter feels full, big, sore especially on right side
o Side of right neck [sternocleidomastoid?], right cheek [masseter?], ear burns, feels hot
o Jaw tired and sore in morning
o Along jaw line also hurts, tender
· Posterior headaches, back of head
o Base of skull: muscles ache, tired, tender
· Temporal pain
o Ache; when have a migraine, it pulses

Mouth Problems:
· Inability to open the jaw smoothly or evenly; jaw deviates to one side [“zig zags”]
· Limited opening [3 fingers and a bit]

Neck and Shoulder Problems:
· Lack of mobility - reduced range of movement
· Stiffness; tired, sore neck muscles
· When turn head to right too much, facial muscles become aggravated

Teeth Problems:
· Grinding at night
· Sensitive teeth to cold

Throat Problems:
· Frequent clearing of throat: feeling of foreign object in throat

TMJ Problems:
· Clicking, popping left TMJ; right TMJ doesn’t pop [permanently anteriorly displaced?]

· Bad posture
· Don’t wake rested; during the daytime, extremely tired/fatigued
· Face unsymmetrical
· Generally, every day pain is at a 2-4, but it becomes worse or I develop a migraine after doing physical activities, eating, smiling, laughing, laying or sitting the wrong way, or doing anything fun
· Mouth breather
· Open bite caused by a limited use of a NTI splint

thanks a lot

- saaraah.

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Old 08-12-2003, 05:51 PM   #2
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navy2 HB User


Why would you think that your right tmj is permanently anterior displaced, just because it doen't click or pop? My left tmj pops and clicks and my right doesn't do anything. I just thought that my problem was only with the left side. Maybe that's the case with yours too. Also, I always thought that if you could get your 3 middle fingers in your mouth (with the thumb pointing upwards), that meant that you had normal opening.


Old 08-12-2003, 06:02 PM   #3
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Good luck with your appointment tomorrow! Let us all know how it goes and whether Dr. Rondeau seems like the 'right' guy for the job! You know that I'm thinking about seeing him as well, so anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated!

Good luck!


Old 08-12-2003, 06:11 PM   #4
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saaraah HB User

navy2 - the reason that i said that i think that my right disc is permanently anteriorly displaced is because i just looked at my mri results from a couple of years ago, and that's what it said. it also said that my right meniscus was folded over on itself.

also, most of my pain is right-sided.

about the limited opening, thanks for pointing it out.. i forgot to remove the "limited" portion.

- saaraah.

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Old 08-12-2003, 06:39 PM   #5
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Arleen HB User

Hi Saaraah:

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. I hope Dr. Rondeau can help you. Fingers crossed

Take care,

Old 08-12-2003, 08:14 PM   #6
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Marlene HB UserMarlene HB UserMarlene HB UserMarlene HB User


Tell him Marlene sent you (he'll know who you're referring to) ...


Old 08-14-2003, 04:34 AM   #7
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saaraah HB User

hey, everyone.. as you know, i saw dr. rondeau yesterday. i got there early, filled out some of their forms, and gave them my extensive medical history [which both dr. rondeau and the woman helping me, i think her name was janie, were awed by my extensive organization].

janie was the main one examining me and asking me questions. she did measurements, JVA [joint vibration analysis], and gave me a rough idea of what to expect on next visits.

dr. rondeau came in only at the end and only for 10 or so minutes. he did a muscle palpation and he and janie discussed her findings. he was very professional, and straight to the point. ie, he said that my condyles could be "melting".

anyway, all in all it was a fine appointment based on the facts that janie and dr. rondeau were very professional and nice. however, my worst and most dreaded fears about my stupid jaw are probably true. that's why it's taken me awhile to post here - im incredibly down to the point of doing anything is next to impossible.

so my mandible is obviously underdeveloped and my maxillia may also be a tiny bit underdeveloped [now i know for sure why im so ugly. hah!]. from my MRI, they saw DJD. im also a tongue thruster [news to me], and my open bite may be caused by my condyles "melting". oh, and i found out that my jaw opening is actually 46mm, which is amazing because i thought it was only 30mm. also, i have an early click on both the left and right [i thought that the right was always stuck, but ive just been protective of it apparently].

over all, it sounds like im an extremely difficult case, which doesnt give me much hope. from the sounds of it, altho dr. rondeau didnt say, i'd probably be looking at orthodontics after all the splint therapy.

this appointment cost me $75. next time, it'll be $650 and it'll include a multide of exams including x-rays, back and neck assessment, etc. after that, there's another appointment that's free of charge where dr. rondeau will discuss his findings and suggest treatment.

so yah... there ya go. basically, i feel like im screwed, since my jaw is underdeveloped *and* i dont want to do anything irreversible. blah. i guess i'll have to wait and see what dr. rondeau suggests as treatment.

- saaraah.

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