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    Old 01-09-2006, 05:54 PM   #1
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    Teeth Pain

    Does anyone with tmj/tmd have tooth pain, i.e. toothaches? Please respond!

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    Old 01-10-2006, 05:43 PM   #2
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    Re: Teeth Pain

    I think the length of everyones symptoms vary... for some its constant pain, for some it goes away. Personally, I've been having teeth pain in my 2 front teeth off and on. The pain isnt unbearable, but it exists. Tooth pain is a symptom of tmj according to the symptom thread. Next time you go back to your tmj dentist, let him know just in case, but its maybe just another tmj prob.

    Old 01-11-2006, 03:53 PM   #3
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    Re: Teeth Pain

    I am suffering from teeth pain at the moment (and I've now had it for over a year and a half!!). They said originally it was that I needed some root fillings but because I have very restricted opening with TMJ, they couldn't do anything until I have had my both joints replaced (which is being done in the next couple of week). Anyway they decided that, due to the pain in my teeth, they would try and do something before xmas to settle the pain. They gave me a sedative and took out the nerve in the tooth which was causing the pain (or so they thought). The pressure on my teeth has not gone away and then I got a swelling on my jaw bone, which they said was due to the soft tissue underneath my teeth being infected! So I can't win. After all that I still have the tooth ache and now they can't do anything because of the planned surgery!

    You have my sympathy!

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    Re: Teeth Pain


    I'm supposed to go back to the dentist tomorrow to find out why I have had pain in my gums and two front teeth for the last three months. He said I didn;t have great bite to begin with and on top of that I had a veneer placed on one of my front teeth to hide discoloring from a childhood injury. After I had the procedure done I started to feel pain. (I don;t think its from the veneers b/c I can;t find anybody else with this problem that has veneers on teh net) I thought it was b/c of the veneer but now I think its b/c my bite is all off. My bite feels great in the morning and by mid day it is completely off and my front and bottom teeth bang together. I don't know what's wrong but what I do know is I can't take the pain anymore. I feel for you b/c my front teeth hurt also. I was wondering if your gums hurt as well. Just curious b/c its seems like everything I find relates to the back jaw, neck, ear, etc. You are the first person I have seen on here since I started looking that has complained about front tooth pain. Write back and we can talk more about our problems. While I wish we both find a cure for our problems I am glad to find someone with syptoms close to my symptoms. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

    P.S. I am new to this whole posting thing. How do I find the symptom thread?



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    Old 01-11-2006, 10:31 PM   #5
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    Re: Teeth Pain


    The tmj symptom thread is at the very top of all of the posts..just go down the list..and you'll find it at the top.

    I've had this tooth pain in my 2 front teeth only for the past week now. I initially thought it was due to the nightgaurd that I was wearing. A regular dentist made it for me, but it would squeeze tightly on my very front left tooth. This made the tooth a little loose..not noticeably loose..but looser than the moves a bit. However, the right tooth began hurting as well, and the wierd thing is that I only wore my nightguard around 5 times. Like you, I'm also still learning about tmjd. Its a very wierd disorder, which causes many strange effects on your body. I'm not sure why our teeth should hurt. I'm going to a tmj specialist, and I'm going to load him down with questions. Like you, my worse times are towards the evening after doing some talking,chewing, etc.. I wake up totally refreshed. My opening is wider, and I'm in no pain when I awake, except my front teeth lately have hurted more in the morning. Usually with time it subsides..then the muscle probs get worse during the evening. I have an overbite now thats pretty much, b/c my jaw is pushed back, so my 2 front teeth dont touch the bottom. I'm really not sure why my teeth are hurting because like I said I stopped wearing my nightguard a while ago. I mean, the wierd thing with me is that I think my tmj is muscular because I feel best in the morning after my muscles have been totally relaxed..Supposedly I grind at night or clench, but i wake up maybe I dont anymore. Please tell me how it goes with your dentist..ask him about the pain your teeth, and let me know what he said. Just gotta hang in there, this tmjd stuff is really complex and hard to find good help. If you dont like the dentist you're seeing go to another b/c its easy not to get all the answers you need from dentists if they arent specialized in tmj disorders.

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    Re: Teeth Pain

    S.G. - I've had front tooth pain and teeth hitting for almost 4 years. It started with a dentist doing 2 fillings and whatever happened at that appt threw by bite off completely and I've never recovered. Like you, I could find no one with similar symptoms.

    Your problems are opposite to mine, in that I think whatever I do in my sleep makes my teeth more sore. Likewise, sometimes eating does too. If I didn't have to eat and sleep, I'd be in less pain. I find that depending what splint I wear, my left front teeth (the ones that hit), will be farther away and less likely to hit, or much closer together. My take is that the splint moves the jaw into a position that makes those 2 hitting teeth closer together. I used to wear one splint 24/7 and if I took it out for a while, my teeth were fine. I'm now wearing a different one to sleep, which positions my jaw in a slightly different position, and when I awake those teeth are much closer together. If I take that splint out, the teeth will hit. Perhaps in your case, the splint (if you're in one) puts your muscles in a position that makes the teeth hit but when you chew you're relaxing or doing something different to the muscles that shifts things. Likewise, maybe your muscle relax when you're sleeping, shifting the bite. Or just the fact that you're lying down, because that too puts your jaw in a slightly different position, and it could be enough to stop the problem from happening.

    I can't say for sure why I still have front tooth pain after 4 years, but the first 2+ years it was due to badly balanced splints and very uneven pressure on my teeth. This has had terrible effect on my gums and they've been receding since then and nothing has stopped it.

    I hope you're able to resolve your problems.

    Take care,

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