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Nenu 05-16-2007 07:41 AM

Dizziness from TMJ and what has helped me
I have had the pain associated with TMJ for 2 years now (in my face/jaw, daily headaches), but just recently I began feeling dizzy. Falling over my own feet, seeing things 'moving' that were not, unable to clearly see or read text. No nausea, just dizzy constantly.

I went to see a doctor (I have a TMJ dentist as well) who prescribed "Betahistine Dihydroc". It appears that this drug is under another name in the U.S. and sold as compound only, and only in certain locations. It's a common drug in Canada in comparison, used to treat Meniere's Disease. If you search online for "Serc", you will find more info about it.

This drug has cut my dizziness in the ballpark of 60 to 70%. I felt the benefits of it almost right away (only taking a half pill - 16 mg pills, 3 times daily). Meniere's Disease causes dizziness that is similar to what some TMJ/TMD suffers can experience, so I guess the doctor wanted to try this to see if I may benefit from it. To my relief, I have, immensely.

I am still dizzy, but I am not falling over my own feet. I can see clearer, I can read without the bouncing text in front of my eyes. It is also nice that his drug has very little in the way of possible side effects. It also does not interfere with a compound topical gel that has been a part of my TMD treatments, which contains 4 types of medications.

I am wondering if any other TMJ/TMD sufferers have also had this drug prescribed, and have benefited from it? I was surprised to read that while it is available widely in Canada, it can be harder to find in the U.S., and it seems from my understanding of the little I read, this is due to discontinuation of the drug as little was documented of it having benefits to patients (I could be wrong, I have read very little).

Just thought I would share, as maybe this has not been proposed to others who are suffering the dizziness component of TMJ/TMD. Not suggesting this would be an alternative for everyone, but it may be something for those to look into who are suffering from dizziness. Again, I am still dizzy, but not nearly as bad as before, and it is slowly becoming almost bearable to help in my functioning and everyday life.

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