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neveragain444 05-17-2009 08:11 AM

looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
Could you share with me, what medications you found to be your favorite in treating your TMJ disorder?

If there's one particular pain pill or muscle relaxant that seems to work better for this than another.

Someone mentioned steriods as an option. I have never tried that for TMJ before.

I also have bruxism and I know I need a mouth piece but I can't afford it right now. Later in the year, sure, but I have put so much money into dental work lately, I can't spare anymore.

My pain is so bad I overdose on Ambien. I really need other options. My PCP probably doesn't have a clue how to treat this either. My dentist refuses to prescribe anything ???????? He's a dips anyways. Was pulling my teeth out without reason, so I've found out. My other dentist didn't offer meds, he wants me to get a mouth guard. Well right now, that's just not an option.

Does Soma seem to work better than other muscle relaxants for this? I read this blocks the pain. I read another I used to take (Flexeril) is for strains/sprains and stuff & it did not give me the relief I needed.

Well thanks anyways, hope you all will help me figure out a treatment plan with this. I know it won't be a problem getting the meds from my PCP, but I need to know what's going to work well.

luvtocamp 05-17-2009 08:49 AM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
I think soma is the best. skelaxtin is not strong enough and flexeril didnt' help me.

FLFLOWERGIRL 05-17-2009 06:51 PM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
neveragin444--Xanax works for me . I don't take it often but it works on many different platforms.

Take care. :round: FLFG

jmdombr 05-17-2009 11:40 PM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
For nightime clenching, Ambien makes my tmj worse, but meds like xanax and Colenzapam help reduce teeth grinding for me. Soma make me grind more for some reason

neveragain444 05-21-2009 09:19 AM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
Ambien makes it worse? My dentist said he understood why it made me feel better cause when the pain is really REALLY bad, I have a bad tendancy to take about 3 of them. Sometimes as much as 6 before the pain goes away. Most of the time, I wake up, the pain is gone. Sometimes though, it lingers on for days, with the pain being extreme.

Even though I clinch only when I'm asleep, the Ambien has helped ???????? But only in larger doses. On most days, waking up has been when the pain is the worst.

It was feeling like someone took a hammer and pounded my teeth with it. I had particular teeth that would hurt, and then eventually, that pain would disapear. You'd think you had a bad cavity or absess. But no..

Two of those teeth I've had severe pain in, cannot be due to bruxism, because there is no teeth below them, and there is nothing for them to clinch to. So what the ???????????

If I pay attention, I know that I am clinching my teeth when I wake up. I also have PDL enlargements and it's either that, or where my doctor took most of my teeth from one side of my mouth, making me just be able to eat on one side. I don't know.

I have this pain that shoots through my mouth, and I think it's either a spasm or muscular tightness, maybe due to inflammation in my TMJ joints ???????

It has been hurting to open my mouth & hurting to chew food. The muscles used to open & close my mouth seem to be where the problem is, into my cheeks and down toward the bottom of my jaw.

My doctor will not prescribe me one of those anxiety pills. Even though I have GAD. If he won't give it to me for anxiety, he sure isn't going to give it to me for pain.

I am going to ask for the Soma & steriods and see if that helps.

Aspirin helped some yesterday, the Ibuprofen didn't phase it one bit. But Aspirin isn't something I can take for very long. It eats holes through my organs.

maxwell29 05-21-2009 01:50 PM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
If you go to a TMJ center at a university dental school, they will most likely first give you amitriptyline or flexeril:

A small does of [B]amitriptyline[/B] (10-20 mg) at bed time is the best long term medication for muscle/joint pain and sleep distrubances related to TMJ. It also cuts down on bruxism.

[B]Flexeril[/B] is similar to amitriptyline. However, flexeril is more of a muscle relaxant (benzodiazipens) while amitriptyline is more of a tri-cyclic antidepressant. Overall, amitripyline is harder to build up a tolerance to and less habit forming than flexeril

If you have a bad case and are depressed from all the pain and lack of sleep, they will add [B]cymbalta[/B], an SNRI antideppressant that increases levels of both serontonin and noriphenephrine.

You may also get a medication to control muscle and/or joint inflamation such as [B]celebre[/B]x or [B]mobic[/B]

Moving up from there, if you have muscle cramps in other parts of your body that are either caused by or occuring concurrently with TMJ, they may prescribe you [B]neurontin[/B] or [B]lyrica[/B]. They are both medications that used to be used to treat seizures but are okay for chronic pain as well. Lyrica might make you really fat though....

After this, if you are still miserable, you get a pain management consult with another doctor, you have to sign all of these forms, and then they start giving you opiates (hydrocodone, morphine, etc..)

There are also many nutrients you can take. Magnesium is taken by a lot of people with TMJ to help relax muscles.

neveragain444 05-22-2009 08:11 AM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
I have an appt with my primary care doctor in a week and half. That is whom I am going to get the medication from. My dentist said if I needed a muscle relaxant, I had to get it from my PCP from now on sooooooooooooo okay.

Amitriptyline in place of Ambien to sleep. Naaaaaaaaaaaa no thanks. That's very similar to nortriptyline, right? The side effects to an antidepressant is absolutely crazy. Not to mention the muscle spasms it can cause. Not to mention that is why I developed muscle spasms the begin with (while taking Nortriptyline, Effexor, Buspar). And taking two antidepressants at once, in my book, it's dangerous. I know what that can do, I will never take another one of those pills again. Effexor actually caused my jaws to lock up. The only time I ever had that problem was while taking that medication. Do you take these meds for tmj? If you do, I can't believe it actually works.

I'm sleeping decently, not depressed at all. Not even stressed.

Back to the medications, opiates do not control TMJ pain. No offence, but it does not work. Or at least doesn't for me. I had 7.5 mg of Lortab, didn't at all help, not once. And he offered to give me percocet, but like that would work. Lortab is a pretty strong pain pill. I mean, if you can't get relief from that, what can you get relief from? So I'm like I'm just SHXXXT out of luck huh, and my PCP says to try the Darvocet & Ibuprofen together. And all I have done is suffer it out for 3 months since! Well that's not going to happen again.

I've tried Magnesium for my muscle twitching. Didn't help that or my pain.

Celebrex sounds like a good long term plan but I want the steroids first. The power that pill has in clearing up inflammation is unbelievably amazing.

Nope, no way am I taking Lyrica if it makes you fat. Want rid of the excess weight I already have, not going to let a pill make it even worse. That's just not healthy to be overweight. I'm trying to become healthy and lose this chronic fatigue bull crap I've been cursed with. Part of the plan there is to take off that excess weight.

But a nerve pill might help? I used to take Neurotin and didn't have any problems with it. I leave that as an option if the Soma & Steroids don't help. Thanks.

luvtocamp 05-22-2009 08:53 AM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
Cymbalta can cause lock jaw in some people.

neveragain444 05-23-2009 01:04 PM

Re: looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
So I found something that helps the muscles close to my cheek area when that flares up,

Blue Gel, riteaid brand, I guess it's similar to Bengay. Treats arthritis & muscle sprain/strains.

The menthol in it though can make your eyes feel irritated, but it took my pain right away last night.

I was amazed that something actually worked.

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