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tessjs 04-27-2001 01:02 AM

are splints a joke
are slints a joke i have been told i need one after six months of twoing and throwing, there are no other options left, things will get worse i am told if i don't get one.i am suspicious and distrustful of everyone here where i live beacuse in oz they have no idea about tmj i reckon, and its a not only will i be poor beacuse it costs the earth i am also not guaranteed it will work, i am scared to the max.and from what i have read i may need braces afterwards,do most people need that after a splint therapy course.i hope not, i can't even afford the splint let alone who wants them i certainly don' i am scared(the splint) will make my tmj worse.i am getting one,(reluctantly) it'll probably be a mistake but there are a lot of slimeballs out there feeding off of peoples misery,so i have probably propped up someones bank balance and destroyed my own.who said life was damn well isn't.if people were more caring it wouldn't be like this.

nittygritty 04-27-2001 04:25 AM

Re: are splints a joke
I had a splint and it didn't work, period. It made it worse. It cost me about $540 and was horrendous. It did little to help a bone problem. If yours is a soft tissue problem, it may work, but I'd get x-rayed first.

Melka 04-27-2001 08:45 AM

Re: are splints a joke
TMJ is different for everyone. Let me say that I am the first to admit that I know little to nothing about therapy for TMJ, but I do know this: I have a splint and I hate to wear it. I wore it for a couple of weeks maybe at first. Then I went a very LONG time without it and my TMJ got worse. I pop my jaw out of habit all of the time. I found that the only thing the splint does for me is that it reminds me to relax my jaw and not to clench. It also forces me to sleep on my back at night when I am used to sleeping on my side or stomach. During the day when I am not wearing the splint, I have to make an effort to keep my jaw relaxed and I get about the same benefit. I just recently started wearing the splint again. I think it really helps me both physically and mentally.

Good Luck!

Elaine 04-27-2001 02:34 PM

Re: are splints a joke
Splints didn't do a thing for me. I was a clencher and I would wake up with puking headaches. That is how I got talked into the 1st TMJ surgery, thinking surgery would make the headaches,ear pain, etc. go away. I kept buying splints convinced of course that the last one wasn't made right! After my third TMJ surgery, I didn't use the splints and funny how the pain was a lot better. If you are a clencher, I think splints make you clench more and with me, put me into a vicious pain cycle. I would suggest trying one of the mouth guards they have at Wal-Mart rather than spending a lot of money first. If the one from Wal-Mart improves things, then maybe a splint would work for you. The splints were such a waste of money for me and such a "money maker" for the dentists!!! Think how much a little piece of acrylic is worth, it is sick that they make so much off of them.
Take care,

Marlene 04-27-2001 05:44 PM

Re: are splints a joke

I, too, was a "clencher", but splints DID work for me! How long did you try the splints? What mouth guards at Wal-Mart are you referring to?
I agree that splints can be somewhat expensive, but look at what's involved with making them:
- materials and time to cast molds of the teeth
- materials and time to produce the model from the molds
- materials and time to make the splint
- materials and time to properly fit the splint into a patient's mouth
- and (as my husband points out) you're also paying for that professional's expertise (dentist, lab tech., etc.) whether we like it or not!

Please don't think I'm an "endorser" for the dental profession because I'm not - I'm just being realistic in the way I choose to look at the costs involved with TMJ treatment!

Elaine 04-27-2001 08:21 PM

Re: are splints a joke
I tried the splints from 1985 up until 1997. During this time, nothing ever improved which is why I agreed to surgery. I have had several different splints during that time, all made by different dentists. The first one cost me $200, the last one was $900. I tried both upper and lower. After the third surgery, I quit using one, the pain didn't go away but I didn't wake up with puking headaches anymore. I don't know if you are surgical or not, maybe that is the difference. As for the sports guard at Wal-Mart, I have never tried them, someone just asked me why I didn't try them first instead of putting out all that money for something that does nothing. A dentist told a friend of mine to try them as they are on the same order as the rest of the splints, he didn't want to take her money when a Wal-Mart special would do the same as a $900.00 "special." I agree with you, if a splint will work, pay the price but for me, I paid the price, it only made me worse. All I am saying is it didn't work for me. A splint just gave me something to clench more on and added insult to injury.

Allen 05-04-2001 09:25 PM

Re: are splints a joke
Splints are like a lot of medical procedures, helpful for some and not for others(sounds like meds as well!). The only way to know is to try them--I've not seen any evidence(such as a double-blind study or a tracking of patients over the yrs)that one splint is more effective than another. I'm sure Dr.Boyd is helping many, but I've never seen any comparative studies to bolster his rather dogmatic claims. Actually, I hope I'm wrong, but like a lot of pain sufferers I'm pretty burned out on every new "cure" that comes down the pike! God bless, Al

Jaspara 05-10-2001 09:50 PM

Re: are splints a joke
Tess, splints do work, but I did not understand what your message stated about twoing and throwing?
Could you please elaborate a bit, thank you.


tessjs 05-11-2001 12:49 AM

Re: are splints a joke
Well Jaspara i was diagnosed really early with i didn't go to a million doctors and none of them knew what was wrong it happened real quick after i had three root fillings commenced.They knew real quick what had i was initially told to get physio but when i did do it it made things worse.then my dentist mucked around and couldn't decide if i needed a splint, (heis a real jerk of a dentist i hate him he's been dumped pronto)so i went through more pain and i was told how expensive it was and i kind of didn't wanna pay out for a it was mass confususion.but i have one now its damn hard to wear and it cost me heaps here in to say 2001 won't be one of my favorite years, like the queen said years ago its been an annus horribilus.In our language a crap year.sorry i sound bitter but i have been givin the run around by alot of specialists here.and most of them are rude and advice to anyone don't get sick cause you'll be in for the ride of your life.ihave lost a lot of faith in human beings these last six months.

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