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Devoted2Dickens 08-24-2011 12:37 PM

Bit Worried About The Pain
A little history, I was diagnosed with poly-JRA when I was 8. I have it from my jaw to where my toes are even slightly bent.
I have been having Remicade infusions the past 7 years and about 3 years ago had to up the dosage because of pain in jaw.
It started getting worse around December 2009 and it was almost unbearable by spring 2010. Around that time my wisdom teeth were protruding. It took a process of 7 months until August to get them removed because of scheduling appointments and stuff. I would get headaches and pain in my face and jaw so bad I would take medicine just to sleep.
I had them removed and it helped for awhile. But now I seem to constantly have pain in my jaw almost on a daily basis.
Lately for the past few months, it's come with chronic migraines.

I've also been told by my doctor I have chronic neck pain checked prior to these symptons.
What worries me though is the pain in my head. I usually get it in the back side of my head in one spot. It comes on strong and I get vertigo and feel naseaus with it and my neck will get really hot and inflamed. I'm not as worried as I could be because every time I get those headaches, my neck is stiff and I'm having facial and jaw pain which always makes me think it's directed to the TMJ.

I've read that TMJ headaches are common in patients and I would like to know if anyone else has these symptoms just so I know I'm not alone.

Other info: My spine is slightly bent and my jaw is misaligned and I've already been told by doctors that it would help to realign it. Also, the pain in the back of my head, when I press on it and bite down on my teeth just opening and shutting, I can feel a pressure with each bite on that spot which furthers my curiosity that it's related with the TMJ.

Does anyone know if this is common? I am on the same medicine I've been on for the last few years but I admit I don't take it as I should.

I'd really appreciate a response. :)

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