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puppykisses 12-18-2011 08:55 PM

TMJ is hard but there is hope.
When I first got diagnosed with TMJ, I thought that there was no hope. TMJ took my life literally...everyday I was in some form of pain. Headaches, ear aches, ear ringing, jaw pain, clicking in the jaw, etc..And of course there was the anxiety and depression that often follows chronic pain. I AM IN A BETTER PLACE TODAY. I sought treatment with a tmj specialists in my city and since then things have only improved. I was fitted with a 24/7 repositioning splint, started treatment with a physical therapists, began to follow a strict healthy diet and exercise program. The pain is gone. I have a few more months in treatment and I can say my doctor saved my life. If you have TMJ, get it treated ASP. If you have to sell something to pay for it then do it. You are nothing without your health. Period. Wish you well.

Jen190 12-19-2011 06:04 AM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
What was your diagnosis? Disc replacement with or without reduction? Thank you so much for sharing!!!

jesse lara 12-20-2011 09:52 AM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
I can completely relate. This condition has wreaked so much havoc in my daily life. I've had my repositioning appliances for 1 week now, and haven't noticed a difference. How long until you noticed any change?

Lorenzo1986 12-23-2011 03:19 PM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
I'm going through the same thing.. I'm on a bite splint for about three weeks now.. Its making things worse but my doctor told me that that is how it would be in the beginning and that I would have to get used to the bit splint, it sits on my lower teeth.. One question did you have neck pain and a feeling of a pinched nerve in the neck where the c1 is along with back pain and shoulder pain?

Ann2012 09-19-2012 07:32 AM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
Hi, after reading your post I feel hope. I have been wearing a lower splint for 2months, no change to the normal symptoms but my eye pressure is very severe and neck cliking/ has dibilitated me but am assured don't require surgery.time is not an issue as long as the symptoms go but generally how long??? After 2months no change for mme but I keep reminding myslf to believe it will. Can anyone give their experience of time line? -i do have regular adjustments on my splint done.

pipdog 09-19-2012 11:21 AM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
Thanks for posting your news - its really important to read stories with good outcomes. TMD completely derailed my life, there were more days than I would care to think about when I was incapable of doing pretty much anything but thanks to these boards and the net I was able to research and get good treatment and start to recover. There is also a stage you have to go through where you rebuild your life afterwards and that has its own challenges.

MissyJ 09-20-2012 04:24 AM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
It's always nice to hear from those who are getting good results and recovering!

Pipdog, I've gone through some of your previous posts and believe you are in Phase 2 of TMD treatment? (correct me if I'm wrong). How are you doing? Are you still having any symptoms or have they completely resolved?

I've been in a lower 24/7 orthotic for almost 5 months now. That got rid of grating sounds in my right jaw in about 2 or 3 weeks. But it's not really touching the muscle dysfunction in my jaw, head, neck, and face. I'm constantly swollen, tight, and in spasm in those areas. I'm starting to wonder if it's my neck that's causing all this. From your previous posts I believe you went through a phase like that too. Are you still seeing the NUCCA chiropractor?

pipdog 09-20-2012 05:00 AM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
Yes I'm in phase 2 and I'm doing pretty good. The bite is still a work in progress so there are some issues like sore temporalis and slight tinnnitus but compared to how I was huge improvements. I saw a NUCCA at one point and was adjusted. Before my posture was all out of balance, now its much better, standing taller, shoulders level, no forward head posture. I dont know if this is attributable to the NUCCA or the ALF treatment to widen my jaws and relase the cranial strains - doesn't actually matter at the end of the day though

Thats great that the grating sound went so quickly - sounds like the splint managed to get you disc back into position and you were treated pretty early on.

Having been through the whole experience I believe that while spints are helpful there may also be a structural problem in the way the upper dental arch is developed that is a major contributing factor to the TMJ pathology and this can only be corrected with orthodontics. Its stating the obvious but only the lower jaw moves so it has to go where the upper says, like a master / slave relationship and if the upper jaw is too small then the lower will be forced backwards which can be very damaging to the TMJ area.

Machinehead 02-16-2013 07:50 PM

Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.
pipdog, Im also from the UK and have been dealing with tmj problems for 5 years now and im only 21.
I saw PG also, but only for an initial consultation, but instead I went to america to a nm dentist and its not working. If I could I would like to pm you or ask you some questions. I am at a low point with this its very distracting. thanks

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