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novamom 07-27-2012 08:59 AM

Bite guard for TMJ - N. Va or DC
I am looking to have a bite guard made to replace one that has worn down. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a dentist who can do one of these, and accepts insurance? I have had TMJ for the last 25 years and it seems to me that this area of medical/dental care attracts a lot of quacks. I have had everything proposed from breaking my jaw, to surgery, to expensive procedures with dubious results. I haven't gone forward with the crazier suggestions, and the only thing I know that has helped has been using a good dental splint at night. Based on a suggestion I read on this board, I saw the dentist Sherry Kazerooni in Northern Virginia, and she suggested treatment (not covered by any insurance) that would cost $70,000! I was in shock -- for that kind of money, you'd think I was getting a heart transplant. Anyway, sorry for the venting, but I would appreciate any suggestions for a good dentist, who can make a good bite guard, and a reasonable cost -- preferably covered by insurance. I would prefer Northern Virginia, but I am willing to go anywhere in the DC area to find someone good.

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