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colby1128 08-16-2012 09:12 AM

Does bite splint work for teeth grinding?
I had some work done (root canal and crown) on a tooth and the pain is not subsiding much. The tooth seems to be fine, the drs say the pain is from my excessive night grinding. (apparently grinding every night just keeps that one tooth from ever recovering fully)
Dentist doesn't like my occlusal guard (the soft kind that fits to my upper teeth) because i dig into it and grind which puts more stress on my jaw.
He recommends a upper bite plate (Plane) that fits to the roof of the mouth and covers the top 6 or so teeth.
The problem is that plate is $1700 !!
Does anyone have any experience with a bite plane for either grinding or TMJ issues?
I really want to know this plate will help with the grinding before I pay that much. thanks

MountainReader 08-16-2012 10:15 PM

Re: Does bite splint work for teeth grinding?
A good, well fit splint done by an expert dentist can help protect your teeth from your bruxing.

From what I've read, most soft splints don't do much. Even expensive splints made by a non-expert dentist can do more damage than good. I wore a flat plane occlusal splint for years. It was hard acrylic and custom made by my dentist. Turned out that while that splint protected my teeth it also contributed to my development of TMJD.

I had a repositioning splint that was around that price. It seems quite high for a sleep splint.

You don't say what kind of dentist you went to. If might be helpful to have a consultation with a Functional Orothdontist who is trained in sleep dentistry. They could probably create an appropriate splint for you with your full bite in mind.

My Functional Orthodontist created 2 splints for me. A functional orthodontist looks at the function of your bite in relation with your teeth and your body. One that was a daytime TMJD splint and another that was for night. Where my dentist had me wear a flat plane splint to protect my teeth, my orthodontist did a custom made splint that held my jaw in position and eventually kept me from bruxing at all. It was an upper splint, but not a flat plane splint and was only around $450. I cried when I got my braces and had to give up using it because it helped me so much.

In my opinion, before you spend that much money, I'd see a Functional Orothodontist/Sleep specialist. At least, that is what I'd do from the start if I knew then what I know now.

colby1128 08-19-2012 12:29 AM

Re: Does bite splint work for teeth grinding?
Thanks for the reply. I thought that price sounded high too. And while I know i grind at night, i think something else has to be wrong with this tooth. the xrays looks great which is what is so confusing. i've heard that those bite planes can mess with your bite and cause new problems which i definitely don't want. I'm wondering if i should just try to retreat the root canal and see if that helps. but then if it truly is just healing slowly b/c of the nightly grinding then that will just delay things further. it's so hard to know what to do when no one can tell what is truly wrong!!
anyway, thanks for the reply

MountainReader 08-19-2012 08:09 PM

Re: Does bite splint work for teeth grinding?
I certainly think that another opinion on the tooth couldn't hurt.

It wouldn't be bad to get another opinion on your bruxism. I just think that price was very high. Wearing some sort of hard acrylic splint can prevent future damage though. The problem is finding a specialist who can make you a splint without creating further problems.

Keep us posted on how you do.

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