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barbershopbecky 01-07-2013 03:15 PM

Jaw locked open - can't fully chew
I'm in a situation ~
I was switched from my NTI back to my repositional splint 3 days ago. The following morning the heavy muscles in my neck, face, ear had settled down. This was a wonderful relief, until I tried to eat - serious pain stabbed me in my right TMJ. Now I am unable to get my teeth to meet in order to chew. The sudden pain also happens now when speaking certain words that cause my jaw to move side to side, or open quickly (forgetting) or sneezing(ouch!) etc.
My situation is this~ Do I "deal" with the sudden extreme pain, or do I go back to my NTI which caused my face, neck, shoulders etc to constantly be in a fright/flight type of panic.
I see my TMD specialist on Wed this week. I'm curious as to what he will say~

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