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BazingaGirl 01-28-2013 08:43 PM

TMJ and Tinnitus
I have started what seems like Tinnitus. Never had it until this whole TMJ thing started a few months ago, after my dental work, and I have been stressing big time about it the last couple of weeks; which is making it more noticeable.
Are the two related? If my TMJ settles will my Tinnitus?
I notice it get louder if I clench my teeth, and I read it may be Somatic Tinnitus. If I put my hand on my forehead and push my head against it, it gets louder too. Also if I adjust me neck a certain way.
Will it go away?

MountainReader 01-28-2013 10:03 PM

Re: TMJ and Tinnitus
I had tinnitus as well as one of my ear symptoms. As i wore my lower mandibular repositioning splint, the tinnitus symptoms gradually got better. I haven't had any tinnitus in a long time. I'm 32 weeks into my treatment though. The tinnitus was pretty much completely gone within the first 6 months. I had some pretty serious long term issues though.

Stress can make it worse. Stress can also make tmjd worse. It really does become a chicken and the egg thing.

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