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fire22 01-30-2013 09:37 AM

Could Nucca help?
I have a very, very, bad subluxation that is being treated, but as yet I have seen nothing improve. Am I just being too impatient? My xrays showed that my C1 is very badly placed and that is why my body has positioned itself like it has.
My head is pulling right over and twisting,the spasms all over my body are extreme. My neck has elongated and reversed its curve twisting severely. My jaw has been pulled badly from my skull and receded back so greatly that my head just dropped.
Anyone had experience at all, although I appreciate not at my level of problem. Thanks. ~I need some relief desperately, but don't know what else to do. I became like this after rough dental work lost my jaw alignment drastically and then an osteopaths manipulations sent me haywire. I am beyond livable.

Any advice please. I have not sought dental work yet as I feared they could do nothing yet as I am so bad. It has deformed me a lot and I feel so ill I just want to disappear.

IndyGirl1 02-08-2013 08:49 AM

Re: Could Nucca help?
Hi Fire,

If this started with bad dental work I think it is going to become better much faster if you address the bite issue in conjunction with other modalities of muscle relaxation and body alignment. If a mistake was made with a crown being made too high or a removal of a tooth that created an occlusal problem within your bite perhaps a repositioning splint would give you some pain relief.

I have heard that nucca chiropractors can help a great deal with alignment issues. However, the jaw has an astounding effect on body alignment and I feel that without trying to balance the jaw your atlas adjustments will just need to be continually made as the treatments will not "stick" or "hold" if you will. I hope I am making sense here. Please consult numerous specialists but only ones that concentrate on the jaw. Try to avoid regular dentists as they are not as well trained in the anatomy of the jaw joints. Once you have spoken with a few doctors regarding treatments then you can decide who you feel most comfortable with.

Feel free to ask me any additional questions you may have. I have been fighting my tmj battle for about 7 years now and have done quite a bit of research on this illness. Good luck to you and keep your chin up. I assure you, if you keep fighting this and concentrating on a solution this will pass.


fire22 02-08-2013 09:16 AM

Re: Could Nucca help?
Thanks for your words of encouragement. I suppose my main concern is that the dentist wont know what to do with me. I'm that bad! However the nucca doc has recommended I see one, who sounds very clued up and works with an osteopath for the full body connection, I go next month for an assessment. My adjustments are not holding at all, I don't know if it is due to very severe spasm or the jaw or both! I am a mess.
I don't expect a cure after all what has gone wrong, but some relief from the disabilities would be great. I am now completely housebound, it has destroyed me completely.
Btw, its going to be way too far for you I know, but I have received email advice from A Dr Smith in Pennsylvania (ICNR). Seems to really know his stuff. Maybe if you got in touch with him, he could point you to some good tmj dentist.
Thanks so much again :)

IndyGirl1 02-08-2013 10:10 AM

Re: Could Nucca help?
I know how frustrated you must feel right now, and I'm very sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you have a very severe case.

May I ask how old you are? I feel the body can heal in miraculous ways if given the right tools to do so. Sometimes the most simple of adjustments can give the body exactly what it needs to heal. The pain you are feeling is just the body's over-compensation for the jaw issue itself.

Keep looking into other therapies you can incorporate into your routine :) I think an osteopath would be a great start for sure. Have you considered trying craniosacral therapy? Also, I have continued to hear great things about myofascial release therapy. I am in the works of finding a therapist in my area who focuses on this. I am very hopeful. Have you heard of prolotherapy by chance?

Sometimes the very simple things can help as well. Try moist heat on your jaw area and neck/shoulders a few times per day. You can also alternate heat and cold therapy. perhaps try a muscle rub on the areas of muscle that are very intensely sore. Have you given light stretches a try? Just keep at it and remember to not eat anything chewy. Give that jaw a rest and perhaps your muscles can take a tiny break every now and then.

Please work to make appointments with some specialists in your area. If you can find one that can figure out the source of your problem and what the past dentist did to you and correct it then that would be wonderful.

I appreciate the suggestion. I may reach out to him for feedback. Are you taking anything for the muscle pain? Have you noticed any nerve pain whatsoever? Sorry for the long post and numerous questions!


fire22 02-08-2013 10:43 AM

Re: Could Nucca help?
Im 42 Misty. This has been going on now for a year and a half. I am struggling to cope. The osteopath does cranial work as well as general, so we'll see what he makes of it. This is indeed extreme. I think the origin was my atlas, I had a very high shoulder for years and tried various regular doctors for an answer, but never found one. Had physio and neurologists but got labeled a hypochondriac! My jaw never was a problem until root canal treatment on the high shoulder side. I was pulled and tugged all over the place but didnt like to complain. Wish I had now though. When the jab wore off my teeth just would not meet for anything. I had to push my head down to make them touch on the right. My lower jaw was set back way too far and my neck hurt. Went everywhere to get help. No one came forward with any help or treatment, hence I went to the osteo.
The nucca doc reckons I must of been an accident waiting to happen and is blaming all my symptoms on primarily my atlas in turn causing the jaw misalignment. She said my neck couldn't handle the pelvic adjustment followed by neck crack and my brain is in chaos causing a dystonic type of reaction. I am just praying my jaw can be treated, it drives me mad not having a bite at all and the jaw pulling in constant spasm.
I just keep asking how this could have happened so quickly. A couple of visits to the wrong person and I end up like this.
I sure hope my body can find its way back a bit. We only found out about nucca a few months ago, wish we'd known years ago.
Thanks for responding, it helps to know there are people who can help suggest things. And yes I have heard of prolatherapy, but doesn't that get done when your'e all aligned? Not quite sure how that works.
The nucca doc has said no to botox, but wonder if that may help. Just don't know if it can help with a subluxation. Any ideas?
More questions back at ya. Thanks again and I hope you get better soon!

lancewan 02-08-2013 03:01 PM

Re: Could Nucca help?

I had similar problems with my jaw, I had clicking or popping on the left side and my jaw muscles got very tight, my teeth were also getting sensitive. I also was having tension headaches at the same time.

The only way I could get relief from jaw misalignment was to keep my jaw closed or clenched otherwise the discomfort got too bad. I did some research online and started my stretching regime again and I also spent a lot of time massaging my jaw muscles and scalp and temple to release the tension.

I also did jaw exercises to get the muscles moving correctly and did jaw stretches to improve flexibility. On top of that I made sure I did neck and shoulder stretches and on top of my full body stretching program I was able to get some relief within the first week. It took about 2 weeks for my jaw to feel comfortable so that it wasn't locking up or popping.

I now use stretching and a foam roller for myofascial release for my body, iby keeping my body relaxed and limber it reduces tension into my head and jaw. I also where necessary use myofascial release techniques on my jaw or temple areas when I feel any tension or discomfort in that area.

I started using a foam roller to improve flexibility in my hips and to release tension in my lower back which was feeding up into the middle of my back which i desperately wanted muscular relief from but didn't want to go to a therapist every time. A foam roller is like having a cheap masseuse.

This are remarkably simple and cheap methods which work and alternating them means you only need about 30 minutes to get relief very quickly.

Good luck with your search and finding your cure.

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