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Angela1977 10-16-2007 07:07 AM

Headaches on left side of head - Occipital Neuralgia??
For the past few months or so, I've had headaches on the left side of my head. Most of the time I feel a sort of jabbing pain or throbbing on the left side for a few seconds and then it goes away. This happens throughout the day and is no worse at any time of the day. There have been some days where I don't feel the throbbing at all. Most of the time, the headache I feel is the occasional jab, but I also may have dull headaches on the left side lasting a few hours. It is not interfering too much with my life, but it is enough to concern me because it is only occurring on one side. There have been a couple times in the past few months when it is more than a dull headache...and was throbbing for an extended amount of time during the day. I also have a pain in the upper left side of my neck. When I rotate my head, it is hard to rotate it to that side because it is very sore. A couple weeks before the headaches started, I tripped and hit the left side of my head on a was hard enough to give me a bump on the left side and it hurt for a couple days. But the headaches didn't start for a week or two after that. I was doing some research and it almost sounds like I have Occipital Neuralgia. I did see my doctor who said it sounds muscular, but that I can get an MRI to see if we can figure out what is causing the headaches. I'm wondering if I should try to see a chiropractor too. If any of you are experiencing the same symptoms, could you please reply to this post and let me know? I would appreciate it!


Jaime_Aus 10-17-2007 03:08 AM

Re: Headaches on left side of head - Occipital Neuralgia??
Hi Angela,

You symptoms of headaches, throbbing or jabbing pain on one side of your head, does sound a bit like Occipital Neuralgia. I have Occipital Neuralgia, and have continual pain on the left side.
But having hit your head, it could have caused nerve damage or other problems with your neck. I think it's best to get it checked out and have the MRI to rule out any other problem. Neuralgia won't show on an MRI, it's just a case of ruling everything else out first. That's why it took quite a while to get my diagnosis!

janice08 04-09-2008 11:59 AM

Re: Headaches on left side of head - Occipital Neuralgia??
Hi Jamie and Angela,

Back in Feb 08 I was finally diagnosed with what my Neurogist described as "probable" suboccipital neuralgia.

Headache on the left side of of my head - not sharp - just a constant ongoing dull and heavy pain which began 3 years ago. I then thought I had a brain turmor and immediately had an MRI. I was told it was not a brain tumor. The pain sort of went away except occasionally, then it came back and I had another MRI to compare to the first test and was told your brain change as you get older and there is nothing wrong.... I am 55. finally I had the third MRI just a couple of months ago as I had and still having constant pain with the pressure point seeming to be on the left side of my neck and up and behind the skull. I also have a crackling feeling in the left side of my neck which began recently.

My Neurologist now asked if I want to go through with injections, and therapy although he is not certain that this is what my problem is. I am totally not my self with this headache every minute of the day and know it will never go away. Have you found any medication that will help you? I have not been prescribed any at all. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


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