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Nayia1 10-24-2011 10:21 AM

Confused by pain in my face - is it TN?
Hi guys,

Sorry, I dont know where to put this thread as im so confused.

Intermittent cheek pain for 4 years - left maxillary under eye to the bridge of nose - throbbing/numb feeling. I dont know if it is nerve related hence why Im on this thread.

Had sinus x-ray 4 years ago when it first happened and was normal. Tried allergy tablets, steroid sprays but nothing helps.

My right nostril is blocked from a slight deviated septum and i have to go and see the ent specialist next week but im scared as i hate hospitals.

Has anyone had this type of cheek pain? PLEASE HELP, IM DESPERATE to find a solution.


Thanks xx

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