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toadie56 02-24-2005 02:02 PM

A little confused...looking for a little help
my wife and I have been trying for about 4-6 months now, the first two things were a little off, so I don't know if that really counts. We've tried various things to make it work, and she keeps getting frustrated and depressed about stuff, hence why I am starting to ask the questions. Here's a little background for reference.

Started trying in Sept. 2004. In Dec. my wife was about 3 days late with af, and when it came it seemed to be excessively heavy with no menstrual symptoms whatsoever. She was out of town when it started, and returned home the first day, so she didn't know if the airplane had any affect on it's severity or not.

We wrote it off as a miss, and kept on trying. No luck in Dec., then we bought a opk for january, and it finally showed a positive, so the bd was done every other day as was recommended. Then the day for af came and went with no symptoms of anything coming then about 2-3 days later af came with the same suddenness it had in Dec.

So I guess my question is whether this can be normal while ttc or if it should be a cause for concern, and she should see her doctor? Af is pretty normal for her and she stopped the bcp about a year ago, so that shouldn't be an issue any longer.

If anyone has had a similar experience please let me know as I have had zero luck in obtaining information from search engines.

Don't post links to other sites or sources of information as per the rules [yes I read them! :)] Just looking for some possible insight.


nastabasta 02-24-2005 03:51 PM

Re: A little confused...looking for a little help
how old is your wife? everything i have read suggests that if the woman is under 35, there is little need for concern if she conceives in under one year. however, if she is over 35, they recommend she sees the doctor if efforts to conceive are not successful after 6 months.

as far as the af being late, i don't think that in itself is a cause for concern. a lot of women have cycles that fluctuate by a few days. unless her cycles are under 21 days or over 35 days long, they are considered "normal"

was your dw on the bcp for a long time? has she gained a lot of weight since before she went on the pill? apparently the body can be quite sensitive to weight gain.... even a 5% increase in weight can, possibly, throw things off for a while. also drinking alcohol can cut down on a woman's fertility by a lot.

have you read "the fastest way to get pregnant naturally" by dr. christopher williams? it's excellent and very informative. of all the many many many books i've been reading on the subject, it is the best i've found.

i will tell you this from a woman's perspective. we all worry a lot about our fertility. some of us more than others!! (like me:)) so it's perfectly normal for her to be scared and nervous. my hubby and i have been ttc for about 4 months and no luck yet. i haven't had a normal af since going off the pill. there are days when i get really really down. the best thing that you can do is to inform yourself more and be supportive of her feelings. but it sounds like you're already doing that so kudos for you! best of luck to you and your dw. and please keep us posted.

jenzbugrulz1978 02-25-2005 02:27 PM

Re: A little confused...looking for a little help
It sounds like maybe the cycles are just a little longer than before. Like the other lady said sometimes that just happens. Our cycles can vary even if someone has been very regular for a long time. I have heard (but I don't have the facts to back it up with) that even when all the timing is right there is about a 25% chance of conception for that month. Wishing the very best for you and your wife! :)

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