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Sherbet 04-01-2005 07:45 PM

Who else is testing this week?
Hiya... :wave:

I'm so hopeful I might be pg. DH and I have been trying for 15mo, I have PCO and my cycles range from 27 days to 43 days, its like throwing a dart at a moving bullseye!!! But I'm hopeful I may have done it?????

I normally have menstral cramps after AF has arrived but I've been having them for the last week with no sign of AF. My belly is bloated and feels like its gonna burst! My breasts are huge and sore but that's normal preceeding AF but my nipples are a bit more red than usual. I've been feeling like I'm a little hungover but I'm scared that could be psychosomatic and I'm talking myself into it... I have a really sore lower back but I could just be noticing it more since its a pg symptom? who knows.... Could I be pg? I tested today and BFN. Today is day 34 of my cycle, I tested for O before bd'ing and I think it is around a 36 day cycle this time.

Who else else has these symptoms? :)

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