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WannaBdaddy 08-08-2011 03:30 AM

Non Participating Ovulation
My wife and I are TTC for three months now. For the last 15 years her cycle has been predictible down to the average time of day. In the last three months, her cycle has gone crazy. Her initial symptoms were of being pregnant the first month, but then she clumped heavily when she was supposed to with her period. Friend of ours said, not to worry, just her body getting used to the idea. The next month she ovulated 5 days early and her period came about 5 days early but seemed unusual. We tried but we think we missed the window because of the ovulation being early and miscarried an immature egg. Last month she was showing ovulation early again by about 2 days and we didn't try because we want to her body to stabilize. She doesn't seem to be stabilizing and we want to TTC next month. Ugg. Has anyone out there dealt with an unwilling, unparticipating ovulation?

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