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Reeses 09-26-2012 05:21 AM

Hey everyone!!! Well I'm new on this website!! I have been trying to concieve since August (1month) and didn't succeed last month due to my husband having to leave before my ovulation days.Well today I am on cycle day #7 so if I calculated correctly then I should ovulate in 7/8 days around October 3rd & 4th!!!So we will start bd on the 1st.I hope this is my month because if it is I will have this baby in July and it will be around the same time I gave birth to my son on July 11th 2006!!!Im nervous about TTC because its been almost 7 years since I had my son and I'm not ready for dissapointment in TTC every month!!well I hope I have luck and that god will bless me with another precious baby.I had the weirdest dream that I got pregnant after thinking I wasn't fertile anymore lol well I hope that was some sign from god.Still haven't found any TTC buddies yet.I feel so alone in this moment.Anyone is welcomed to comment,I am open got discussion,I'm 20 and even tho I have one child this is still new to me because I didn't try to get pregnant with him it just happened and I was very young at the time.Well guess ill go search the boards on TTC threads!Wishin everyone luck this month and baby dust to all :)

candice12 10-12-2012 10:38 PM

Re: Ttc
Hey there! I had commented to you in another post recently. We seem to have ovulated close to each other (I believe I ovulated Oct 3) I just got a Positive on a pregnancy test and thought I would see if you have taken one yet?? I'm sooo excited! I hope you get good news!!!

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