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bichon84 12-07-2012 06:12 AM

IUI Cancelled, advice please?!?!
Hello everyone..I am new here...
Quick background--trying to conceive 2 years.
3 Failed IUI's with Clomid + Trigger
1 Failed IUI with Follistim + Trigger
Last month I had to take the month off due to cysts from Follistim.

Thankfully, the cysts went away and I did Follistim 75 for 9 days...I went for my scan Wednesday morning and I had 5 follicles (19, 17, 15, 15, 14)

My RE cancelled my IUI due to potential of 5 mature follicles and some little ones. He told me not to BD for next 2 weeks.

My question is will I still ovulate these follicles since I am not suppposed to do trigger?
Will I still get + OPK if I use them?
Can I really get pregnant with 5+ babies??

If anyone can give me any advice at all on these things I would greatly appreciate it--I feel so lost with what to do!

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