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tiger1768 12-26-2012 01:38 PM

First IUI treatment
Hi Everyone,

I just did my first IUI treatment. I had my son when I was 34 years old and he just turned 4 earlier this month. We have been trying to conceive for two years but I had 3 consecutive miscarriages. My gyno referred me to see a fertility doctor. The doctor had me and my husband run some test and I also had a sonogram. The doctor determined that I am not producing as many eggs as I should for my age and that the egg that were fertilized during my 3 miscarriages was a "bad" egg. Of course he recommend us doing IVF but my insurance doesn't cover it so we decided to do IUI. The doctor is hoping that with IUI that I will produce more eggs to give me a better chance of having a good egg fertilized. I started on 425 of Follistim on November 29 for 10 days. On December 9 the doctor told me to not take any meds for the next two day. On December 11 the doctor told me I have 7 mature follicles and 3 that may or may not mature by the time I do the insemination on December 13.. She did warn me about possibly of multiples since I have so many mature ollicles. Because we are so emotional and with the out of pocket cost we have incurred, we decided to move forward with the insemination on December 13. I started to take the Progesterone pill vaginally 2 dpo. The fertility office told me to take a home pregnancy test on December 27 but of course i couldn't wait so i took one yesterday which is 12 dpo and the test was negative. This morning after my morning pee, I noticed some light brown on the toilet paper. I went pee two more times so far today and i noticed that the brown got a little darker and ther is some light pink on the toilet paper. Also, I took another home pregnancy test today and it was negative. I am schedule to take a blood test tomorrow to see if I am pregnant but I'm concerned with the brown and light pink discharge. Can I get my period while taking Progesterone? I'm sad and nervous.

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