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smnordic 10-03-2015 04:36 AM

Urine with bubbles,frequent urge to pee
Hi ,

I am 36 year old male of Asian origin living in NOrdic and for past 1 month I am noticing that when I pee in the toilet bowl the water often has bubbles .Went to the GP who did urine test and said no problem in dip test. Had a blood work for Serum creatine,Blood sugar and Lipids.. Potassium was bit on the borderline high 4.4 mmol/l ..Sugar was normal .Creatinine was 88 umol/l ,P-albumin 41 g/l,Pt estimated GFR (eGFR)85. However I am having urge to pee around every 2 -3 hours and when the force is high bubbles form like a foam.

My GP is ruling any disease but my life is getting scary when I pee. My Dad is a CKD patient and hence I get scared more. My last Ultrasound around a year back was not showing anything significant.
I am also an IBS patient and lose weight when I am scared.

Please advise if there is something I need to know


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