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ldy46 03-25-2017 02:59 PM

Severe Urge to Urinate?
I am an 18 year old female and am having very severe constant urinary urgency. I had two UTIs in the last 6 months - one in October and another in December. I took antibiotics for both and they went away. Then on February 8 2017, I started feeling the constant need to pee. I thought it was another UTI coming on and went to the clinic but my urine did not show infection. I returned the next day because I had developed severe lower back pain that had gotten so bad, I could barely sit up to eat at the table or walk. I gave another urine sample, still no infection and the doctors didn't know what to think of my pain. Over the next couple weeks, my back pain went away and the need to pee sort of faded and I had about two weeks of feeling somewhat normal again. The need to constantly pee was still there but it was very slight. I was able to go to the gym and stand for multiple hours without feeling uncomfortable. Since then I have had an ultrasound done as well as my urine and blood tested and the doctor has not identified any problems with it. Then, on March 22, the urgency came back full force and has not gone away since. I do not have the back pain that accompanied it the first time but on the day it returned, I started having symptoms of what seems to be BV (bacterial vaginosis) and still have them now. I've done hours and hours of researching what this might be and I have no idea but its very very uncomfortable and upsetting. As it is now, I cannot stand for very long because the urge is so intense.
Also, I've noticed since I first started having the urgency, I never feel like my urine stream is as strong or full as it used to be and I feel like there is always more urine to come out when the stream ends. I had not had sex for over a month before this started so I'm sure it's not any sort of STD. I tried taking a considerable amount of advil to see if the urgency was being caused by inflammation but the advil had no effect on my urgency.

I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer me because my doctor has been very dismissive when I bring it up. I will have had this ailment for 2 months soon and I am really hoping to figure out what it is because I am going on a trip to Chicago in a month and would like to enjoy it. The must frustrating part is I don't even know what is wrong, so I can't treat it.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I have started getting slight but sharp shots of pain in my lower back on the right side, the same area as I had pain when I first started getting this urgency.

boobootwo 03-26-2017 04:31 AM

Re: Severe Urge to Urinate?
Did they rule out kidney stones?

ldy46 03-26-2017 09:15 AM

Re: Severe Urge to Urinate?
I had an ultrasound done and the doctor did not find any issues with it, so I'm assuming kidney stones are out of the question.

Pursegirl 05-12-2017 06:24 AM

Re: Severe Urge to Urinate?
Hello, I fought this same issue for over 7 long agonizing years, I understand your pain! I tried several drugs, had bladder installations to numb it, I even went as far as having surgery on my left ovarian vein embollised hoping that might help...0! I finally had one urologist out at Stanford as if I had ever been to a pelvic therapist. So I found one in Los Gatos, ca. That was my beginning to relief! They are not cheap and insurance pays very little but at that point I didn't care. Not only can your nerves get extremely tight and irritated but also there is a condition called urethritis which also played a part for me. As like you I always thought I had an infection and always came back negative. I now take a drug called nitrofurn mono 100mg capsule anytime after coitus. Also never use those feminine wipes or washes like summers eve EVER! there is a safe product for that called LUVENA you can by at Walgreens that is safe to use. They have wipes and intimate lubrications. I hope this helps, I have never posted on these forums before but many friends have said I should share my story and knowledge as I can completely understand your pain and suffering and would have loved to gotten some sound advice. Good luck and know you do not suffer alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel as I am 100% normal now and thank God every day! Sending you the same!

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