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spanky 01-29-2003 11:49 AM

was this a uti? please read!
Last week I woke up and I had what I thought was blood in my urine. I was on my period, but I freaked out a little and went to the dr. The doc said it could have been just my period, or it could be a uti or a kidney infection, and gave me an antibiotic. He did say that there were no white blood cells present (or maybe there weren't less than there were supposed to be, whichever one means that I'm not sick lol) ... I have no pain, except a small one in my back that I almost always have, I have no need to urinate frequently, and theres no longer blood in my urine now that my period is over. My question is this ... should I still take the antibiotic? I've had horrible experiences w/ antibiotics, and I've been allergic to all that I've ever tried except one. I'm terrified of taking it, but if I have to I will. What would you do?

Piperdreams 01-30-2003 07:55 AM

Did he perform a urine test? He was supposed to. That's the correct way to determine if you have a UTI. I wouldnot keep taking antibiotics if you donot have symptoms of a UTI. I think it is common to see blood in urine during your period. It is very likely that the source of blood is not your urine but your period blood has contaminated your urine. Think about the proximity of your urethra and your vagina!

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