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duplicated ureter and recurrent kidney stones

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Old 02-08-2003, 11:34 AM   #1
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prettywoman22 HB User
Post duplicated ureter and recurrent kidney stones

Hello. I am a 22 y/o female with a duplicated right ureter and long h/o stones in my kidney, ureter, and bladder. More recently it has become more frequent and persistant. I would like some advice on my latest situation if anyone would care to contribute.
I had stone removal in December of a stone in my ureters with laser and uroscopy. This past week I had stone removal of stones in my ureters and one that was actually stuck in my ureter with laser and another darn stent which causes me a lot of discomfort. I still have stones in my kidney and now another one in my right ureter. I am scheduled to have an IVP sometime next week. But they said I may need lithotripsy. I refuse to have any more litho's done for two reasons 1) Last time I was still passing stone fragments with pain months later and 2) I've read it is not recommended for women of child bearing age although my urologist doesn't seem to think this is accurate. Are there any alternatives to litho? What about pcnl(sp)? Don't I have a choice to my treatment options? Well any similar situations or advise would be appreciated. I am a female and would like to limit my procdures and especially x-rays as I would like to have children in the next few years but I also need to get rid of this problem first.

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Old 02-10-2003, 04:58 PM   #2
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Hi there!
I wanted to tell you what I was diagnosed with during some of my procedures. It shows that I have a duplicated right renal collecting system. If this is what you have, let me know because I'd like to talk to you about a few things. Take care!

Old 02-10-2003, 07:03 PM   #3
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prettywoman22 HB User

I think maybe that is what I have. I have an IVP scheduled for Thursday so I will be sure to find out more information. It's been a while since I've had one. I was once told that I had an extra kidney. But since then I was told that I just had an extra ureter and I think collecting system. Do you have any problems with kidney stones? What problems have you had? Well I hope to hear from you again.

Old 02-11-2003, 10:20 AM   #4
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Karon HB User

I just had a stone blasted also and now have a stent in. Did you get your stent out yet? Just curious how that will be. Mine comes out Thursday night. It is mighty uncomfortable isn't it? Do they just pull or is there a technique?? Tx Karon

Old 02-11-2003, 12:01 PM   #5
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Try to find out exactly how the doctor is describing your problem when you get the IVP done. I'm interested in finding out if it is the same thing as mine. Good luck...I hated the IVP, mostly because the tech couldn't get the IV in my veins and I was a bloody mess on both arms!
Here's a brief history of my problems:
In 2000 I had a laparoscopy done to figure out why I was having chronic pelvic pain. The gyno found adhesions from my c-sections & tubal ligation so she removed them. I continued to have pain but also started getting up through the night having to urinate, I got a ton of bladder infections, had microscopic blood in my urine, bladder pain, etc. so I went to a Urologist. I had a bunch of tests (Ultrasound, CT Scan, IVP, Retrograde Pyelogram) and these showed I had the duplicated right renal collecting system and a partially duplicated ureter. I finally had a Hydrodistention and Cystoscopy done and this showed I had chronic inflammation in my bladder...Interstitial Cystitis I guess. The Urologist NEVER told me I had this but when I received my copy of the procedure from the hospital, that's what it read. I'm trying to get an appt. with a better specialist but it won't be for awhile.
I kind of go in phases where some nights I'll be getting up to use the bathroom and some nights I sleep through. But I always have the pain/pressure on my bladder all day and when I got to go, I got to go!! I often feel like I'm getting a bladder infection only to be told I don't have one. My right side is what bothers me a lot; never anything on my left. It seems like it's in the area of the appendix but I know it's not that...this has been going on for too long and I don't get fevers. It seems like it's in the area where the duplication is but the Uro said that this defect shouldn't bother me and that it should be better for me!?...but why should I believe him??! I feel at times like I'm not getting all my urine out. And if I stay sitting on the toilet and relax myself, more keeps coming out but only a little at a time.
I also have back pain (the usual bulging discs and other misalignments) and have gone back & forth with trying to figure out if that is what's causing the front to hurt as well. It's so confusing when there's different things going on!! I'm anxious to hear from you. Does any of this sound like what you go through? Let me know when you find out and good luck again! DMS

P.S. I have never been told I have stones...have never seen any either but then I don't know what they look like. The IVP didn't show any but they come & go don't they? Two of my tests said something about fullness and dilatation to the proximal ureter??? Never figured out what that meant. Can you describe the feelings you have when you know you are getting/passing the stones; I'm curious about what that's like. Thanks!

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Old 02-11-2003, 04:27 PM   #6
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prettywoman22 HB User

Karon: Hey there. I have my stent in right now.. ughh
total discomfort. Mine also causes pain because my urologist said that he thinks it is causing me to have
bladder spasms or something. It causes me to have blood in my urine and especially after even a little bit of walking to have pain. It is so bad I need pain killers. Last time I had one in they had to take it out the next day because they said it migrated up and was out of place. I had a few in before that too but I can't remember them being quite so bad. I've had them in for a couple months before but I get to have this one taken out hopefully next week. My ureter is still too damaged from the surgery to have it taken out now. But usually when they take it out they do it in the doctor's office. I've only had it taken out once in the office though because the other times they took it out in the OR. But it only takes a couple minutes. It hurts just for a second and then after that you feel much better. Well I wish you good luck.

Hello. It sounds to me like you have a urinary tract infection with the frequent urinations and the feeling of not emptying your bladder. Also I am a nurse and getting up often througout the night to urinate is a sign of diabetes. Pain from kidney stones is usually very intense when you are trying to pass them as they are moving through your ureters. It is some of the worst pain you could have. It will make you run screaming to the ER begging for morphine. Also they can sometimes stay in your kidney for a long time without any symptoms. They usually show up best on a CT of the abdomen. I forget if you said you had one or not. If not maybe it would be a good idea to get one. It definately sounds like something is going on with the inflamation you mentioned. I don't think it is normal for something to be inflamed with no cause. I will keep you posted after my IVP. I think I might have to reschedule for next week. Take care.

Old 03-28-2003, 10:51 AM   #7
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RadTech04 HB User

Im a 19 y/o female, on thursday i just found out i have a duplicated right ureter. i dont know much about it yet. i got a appointment with my urologist after the weekend to talk about my results from the IVP. I have had a long history of UTI's all my life. When i was 2 i had a cystogram. On monday im also scheduled for a Cystoscope. So i feel like im uneducated about all this right now until i learn more from my doctor. I feel very scared b/c i would like to have children in the next couple years. and I have been reading on the internet about all kinds of things like, my ureter could go into my uterus. I dont know im scaring myself. I need comfort.

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LS8219 HB User

THANK GOD IM NOT A FREAK!!!I thought I was the only one with this problem... I recently found out I have a duplicated right ureter which caused a large cyst at the bottom of ureter and top of bladder. I have had two cystoscopies but the damn thing keeps coming back. I too have had many UTI's in my life, but never knew about the double ureter. Does anyone know why we all get them on the right side only? Thanks-Lauren

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