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nelldance 03-15-2003 12:55 AM

Always have to.........
This is getting so old. I feel like I use the bathroom more than I talk. I mean, I go like 8 times a day, and mostly at night., It's like the minute I lay down, here it comes . After I go once, it feels like I have to go again, but hardly anything comes out. This has been like this for a while. I talked to my dr. all he said was to visit the gyno. I have never, and I know i need to, and I will, but can't right now. Anyone know what this could be, and if so, damaging in any way?

ds4832 05-26-2003 09:08 PM

sounds like it could possibly be a UTI...only way to be sure is to take a urine sample to your dr to be tested

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