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yugokid 12-10-2005 11:50 PM

hmm cloudy urine?
Ok for a long long years, i have had random cloudy urine, urine tests show nothing, iv passed 2 kidney stones and im only 23, i do have a irregular heart beat. Ok so heres my question, when i drink nothing but water, my urine is clear as day, but when i drink anything else in excess, my urine is a little cloudy, could it be because i drink soft drinks and milk a little too bit?


redzy233 12-11-2005 03:17 PM

Re: hmm cloudy urine?
Not likely. Cloudy urine is quite normal, as long as it's not chunky urine! Urine is very clear when we drink lots of water because that's what we are mainly passing...all that water. But if you haven't drank much water in the last day or so, then your urine is more concentrated with waste (the junk strained out from your blood and liver). All that sugar, caffeine, lactose, food colouring, etc. from your beverages can contribute to that junky cloudy look. The bile from your liver makes it yellow.

There are terms used for different shades/concentrations of urine:

Really dark, cloudy = oliguria (usually get this when you are dehydrated or ate lots of beef the day before).

Very light, almost clear = polyuria (get this after drinking lots of anything).

If your tests said you were fine, then you probably are. I wouldn't worry about it.

Best Wishes

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