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IWGB1805 02-11-2012 09:50 PM

Constant UTIs are ruining my life!!!!
Hi all,

Completely frustrated!!! Ive been dealing with recurring UTIs for 2 years. I have them all the time. I can't even say how many times I've been to my urologist in the past 2 years. I get one every time I have sex, and the pain starts 5 minutes after sex is over. I don't know why this started or how. I've been in a long term relationship for 4 years and the first two were fine. I never had issues with UTIs. Then in March 2010, this started. It has been insane!!! I pee before and after, took macrobid before and after, take cranberry and d-mannose, wipe from front to back. Absolutely nothing helps. This is destroying my relationship. I do almost everything to avoid sex because it ends in misery for me. Ive had a cystoscopy, ultrasound, blood tests...they have all come back normal. I don't know what to do. I have one now and I am on keflex. I've been on every antibiotic known to man. It offers a temporary solution, but it ends up returning. I dont want to worry about sex anymore. I just want to feel normal. My urologist says it may go away eventually on its own. I don't have much hope. Anyone else going through this? Some new advice or some kind words would be so appreciated :(


tmrots 02-12-2012 04:39 AM

Re: Constant UTIs are ruining my life!!!!
I am so sorry you are going through this. I am an an antibiotic for one right now. Mine cam out of the blue at 8 pm a few nights ago. I didnt' drink much that day and I think that kicked it off. (didnt even have sex) ( I limit it since I am so afraid of another UTI). I still dont' feel great, still have pain and some pressure. Tonight will be day 5. I hope you get some relief, these are just awful

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