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furryantelope 02-21-2012 12:34 PM

Painful sore/rash on glans of penis
Hello. I am a 20 year old male with a circumcised penis and no sexual activity.

I have had a condition on the glans of my penis for almost an entire year now. There is a spotty rash that appears again and again. First the rash will appear and then a couple of days later it will flake and peel off. Then new rashes will appear and the cycle starts all over again. It does seem to be more concentrated on the left side of my glans, more so on the rim and the area surrounding. There is a stinging pain when my underwear rubs on it when walking (I position myself on the right side of my boxers), touching, or masturbating. I also have a strange method of masturbation where I flip the penis upward and rub myself on my mattress so that the bottom of it is rubbing on the mattress and the top of it is rubbing on my lower stomach area (I have hair in this area). I do not wash myself afterward as I tend to just fall asleep right away. I have been doing this for years and years and haven't had this problem up until this past year. I stopped using this method of masturbation almost 4 months ago but the problem continues to persist.

Is it Balanitis? Is it a friction type irritation? Is it a sensitivity to a detergent that I wash my undies with? Is it caused by the semen sitting on my penis all night?

Ugh I want this stupid thing to go away, it can be so painful sometimes. And I am also getting married this summer so I want to be ready for healthy, pain-free sex! :)

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