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walt486 04-13-2012 11:37 AM

Diagnosis?? Testicle pain pics please comment
Ive been having pain in my right testicle for 6 months now. The pain sometimes radiates to my inner thigh.  Seen a few different doctors,  and been thru 4 different antibiotics none has helped. Ultrasound showed swelling of the right epididymis. Ive had absolutely no trauma to the area, but 3 years ago i did have laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair on the right side. My first instinct was that it was a hernia problem. But 2 different general surgeons both agree there is no sign of any hernia. The only thing that helps with the pain are antiinflammatory meds. Also ive noticed when the pain is occurring my right testicle is swollen and hangs much lower than normal.

Its frustrating they are treating it like its an infection, without any data to prove an infection is present. Urine samples and semen sample came back normal. They say they cant culture it, no discharge. I please just want someone to diagnose it! What is this and how do i treat it?? Ive been researching it like crazy, my top 3 possibilities right now are 1. Nerve entrapted in the hernia repair mesh 2. An infection (with one hell of a antibiotic resistance) 3. Right sided varicocele vein (i know its rare on the right side) please tell me what you think, im desperate for an accurate diagnosis.

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