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bigg12x 11-09-2012 11:12 AM

ejucalating too fast in sex? advice?
im 21 year old and slept with 2 women and first women i came pretty quick within 2-3 minutes.. 2nd round like 5 minutes. then next girl 4 months later... 5 minutes and second round was like 8 mins but point is... i cant resist its so quick that i cant handle it.... cna this be due to unexperience.... also yes im using a condom.. and does masterbating daily have a flaw on this... i can last very long during masterbation if i want???? advice?

pstroud 11-26-2012 04:27 PM

Re: ejucalating too fast in sex? advice?
It was a long time ago, I'm 71 now lol, but there is an expercise you can do that helps with that.
When you masturbate, and you can do this by yourself but it was recommended that I do it with my wife during foreplay, you go till your very near ejaculation the squeeze your penis and don't let it ***. Hold that till you calm down some the repeat it several times then finish. Do this on several occasions, give it some time don't expect an instant miracle.
It worked for me and I hope it would work for you, I know the feeling, they think you just do it for yourself.
Hang in there you have a lot of good sex to enjoy.

Paul :)

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