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kekso 02-26-2014 07:50 PM

Epididymitis question.Please answer.
Greetings! I'm a 22 year old male,and about a month and a half ago i started experiencing pain in my right testicles,that would sometime go to the left,sometimes both.I was diagnosed with an infection of the epididymits and the doctor prescribed some anti-biotics.I also did an urine and sperm culture and everything was fine.So here's my question.I finished taking the anti-biotics about 2 and a half weeks ago,the pain reduced but it still here.Sometimes there's no pain,sometimes there's a little pain and sometimes there's a lot of pain.I went to the doctor again and he said everything was fine.

So,i wanna ask,how long does it take to cure epididymits? The thing that i'm still feeling pain,is that normal ? I've read on some pages that the pain should go away by the time i'm done taking the anti-biotics but it's been some time since i finished with those.I'm kinda worried.The pain is sometimes in the pelvis,sometimes i can feel it in my legs and in the testicles.I would really love some answers.Is it normal in cases with infection on the epididymitis for the pain to take so long or not? Should i be worried? Thanks a lot,and looking forward to your answers! :)

jpolk84 03-15-2014 12:23 AM

Re: Epididymitis question.Please answer.
It can take awhile. In fact, you should probably be on antibiotics for at least a month. My urologist had me on them for months. Eventually, I developed chronic orchialgia and have had pain ever since. So I'd advise you keep going back and try to get on them for 30 days minimum. If you are fortunate, you will cure it.

Steve 1974 05-31-2014 08:01 AM

Re: Epididymitis question.Please answer.
How did you get on? Has it all settled down now?

I am in the same position and was told to give it another three weeks (which was six weeks after finishing my antibiotics). Two weeks in and I am still experiencing pain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bob652 06-15-2014 03:45 PM

The first few times I had it, I was in pain for months after the infection was gone. As long as your semen and urine look and smell normal (and / or your cultures are negative), the infection is most likely gone. I've learned over the years that the sooner you treat it, the sooner you will recover.

Some people get chronic epididymitis where it's a continuous infection requiring long term antibiotics but it is not that common. Even though I have had many infections, they have all been acute (even the ones with months of pain.)

I hope you feel better.

BSSJETS 01-14-2015 02:58 PM

Re: Epididymitis question.Please answer.
Hey guys, I can sympathize. About a month ago I started experiencing testicular pain, 95% on the left testicle and every once in a while a jolt to the right one. The pain was radiating from the top of the left one and my first action was to see my general care doc who said epididymitis and prescribed me 10 days of antibiotics. That didn't help so I saw a urologist. All test came back negative (ultrasound/urine). He did a prostate exam/massage and he said my prostate was swollen and the massage should alleviate some of my symptoms, he couldn't say if it was the cause of my testicular pain and he didn't say I had epididymitis but he did mention orchalgia and he prescribe 2 weeks of stronger antibiotics (Bactrim) and Naproxen. He said if that doesnt work, the follow up appointment in 2 weeks he'll probably want to do a nerve block. Well it didnt really work, terrified of sex I decided to relieve myself thinking that would bring some relief, checked with uros assistant first before I did, she said it was fine, would help to bring fresh fluids to prostate. Well that was a bad idea, pain escalated for 2-3days, barely left my place, barely was able to walk normal. I did the nerve block injection, was terrified to get needle in that area but it really wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I'm now 5 days into the nerve block and I wake up 90% better but as the day wears on, I deteriorate to around 70% which isn't so terrible when compared to what I was dealing with for weeks prior. So I have a follow up appointment with uro in 9days or so. I'm hoping for the best but expecting I'll have this for a long time. Curious to know how many guys have had something similar and have gotten rid of it or grew out of it. If it comes on randomly can it disappear randomly or is this my life? Up until this pain I was living a very active life, tennis and free diving, working out, hiking. These things don't seem possible any more. I fear becoming unhealthy from inactivity and I fear issues with future romantic relationships. I don't like pain killers as they dry me up and I dont care to sit on toilet for an hour straining but I just asked my doc today to prescribe me something as its ridiculous to not have a temporary way out from the pain when it comes on at a time I need to be productive or go to a meeting. I don't know what they prescribed me or how many but my thoughts are it will be mild but at least its something. Welcome to reach out anytime, helps to have people who are going thru similar things. Reading about stuff online can drive you nuts, Ive broken out into cold sweats about how people have been dealing with similar **** for 12+ years, hard to not think that could happen to me. The fear of the unknown is almost as bad as the pain itself.

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