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Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?

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Old 01-12-2010, 08:26 PM   #1
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Roseally HB User
Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?

In three months, I will be going off of birth control. The last time I went off, I experienced horrible of acne until going back on.

I'm trying to avoid this situation from happening again, so after researching these boards and the Internet, I'm approaching prevention through an supplemental/vitamin way.

Please see below and let me know if what I am taking is safe. I want to prevent acne as much as possible by improving my immune system and by safely balancing out my hormones, but at the same time, I don't want to overdose on vitamins!

-Drink a large glass of water with a TBSP or two of organic Apple Cider vinegar in it once in the morning and once at night
-50 mg of zinc a day
-300 mg of Vitamin C a day
-one vitamin B complex
-100 mg of vitamin B a day
-400 mg of Echinacea a day
-400 iu of Vitamin D a day
-400 mcg of folic acid (for future baby!) a day
-8000 IU USP (one tablet) of Vitamin A a day
-One 3-6-9 triple omega pill a day
-One acidophilus capsule a day

After I quit the pill, I wanted to add Evening Primrose Oil and/or Vitex to the above regimen.

Does this seem like too much? Should I alternate days, or only focus on a few vitamins at a time? In my efforts to cover my basis of prevention, I didn't even consider that there may be too much of a good thing.

Thanks for your feedback!

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tjlhb HB Usertjlhb HB Usertjlhb HB Usertjlhb HB Usertjlhb HB User
Re: Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?

Have you been diagnosed with specific nutrient deficiencies? You may want to ask your doctor about what you might need to supplement in the context of both your normal diet and what you may need if you become pregnant.

If you intend to become pregnant, be aware that high doses of vitamin A can cause birth defects. Considering the high dose vitamin A supplement your are taking, you should ask your doctor about this before going off birth control.

Note that a compound related to vitamin A, isoretinoin (formerly sold by Roche under the Accutane brand in the US), is used to treat acne, but women on such treatment must strictly avoid getting pregnant during the course of treatment, due to the likelihood of birth defects in the fetus, just like with high doses of vitamin A.

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Re: Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?

I second what tjlhb says about consulting a doctor, at least to have lab tests to see where you may be deficient. They can test your vitamin D, B, magnesium, calcium, etc...... Then you will have more accurate info. as to what your body actually needs.

Also, I would be very careful about this regime you've outlined if you get pregnant. There are some specific vitamins pregnant women can take. Gynecologists often recommend them after conception. Anything other than that I would be very cautious about supplementing with anything else.

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Lyneteck HB User
Re: Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?

You should contact a local homeopathic practitioner. They can give you a more accurate list of vitamins and minerals, as well as amounts, that will specifically target irregularities and nutrient deficiencies in your body. Don't get my wrong, doctors are good people, but they are intentionally kept in the dark for the most part when it comes to treating illness with nutrition. The information they study comes from years and years of pharmaceutical lab testing. If you think pharmaceutical companies have your best interest at heart, think again. The pharmaceutical industry hasn't cured anything since Polio. And that was done in the 40's by Jonas Salk. With all the modern pharmacuetical testing and medical marvels the pharmaceutical industry has yet to cure ONE SINGLE THING in modern times. Money is made from treating SYMPTOMS of a disease. If the disease is cured, the long term money trail of symptom treating drugs comes to a halt. And as we all know, money is what really runs things. So, do we really think pharmaceutical CEO's go to work every day and say, hmmm, how can we cure cancer, MS, or Parkinsons. Please, don't make me laugh. They say, how can we make more money today. Just remember, these people are the ones that do the testing and publish the information that the doctors study in med school. Vitamin and mineral supplimentation is not at the forefront of modern profit driven pharmaceutical medical studies. It is in reality, an enemy of the pharmacuetical industry. Doctors are wonderful and very smart people, the infromation that was drilled into them in med school was pharmaceutically biased. If we are taught how to be healthy, then who would be left to buy thier drugs. Sorry for the speech. But what I am trying to say is, consult a homeopathic practitioner. Then check with your doctor to make sure that he or she has a respectable comfort level with what you are taking. Think of it this way. Is it possible to eat too many fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods and to get too much nutrition and possibly get sick and die. Yes, it is remotely possible. But, on the other hand, is it possible to get a prescription or take over the counter medication or use products with chemicals and get sick, become debilitated, and/or even die. The latter of the two scenario's is a far more common condition that happens daily in our world. In my opinion, the list of things you are taking looks like a very small list compared to what our bodies need daily. Most of the suppliments we take pass through our bodies and never get absorbed. Everyone's body is different, as far as what suppliments we need to take and the rate at which OUR bodies absorb it. So, you need to be tested by a homeopathic practitioner. Most doctors will not pursue this route. They will be more inclined to simply write you some pharmaceutical prescriptons. Which as we have all learned, will probaly treat some of the symptoms that you are having, but will not cure the ailment in the body. And, the prescription will usually cause other ailments in your body to occur. Which creates the inevitable ongoing flow of money for more noncuring prescriptions. It's a horrible cycle, isn't it. But, it's one we call modern medicine. The sickest people that I know, are the ones with the best insurance that take every pharmaceutical drug that is thrown at them. You can see their health deteriorate rapidly with each new prescription. Good luck to you, and I hope I didn't offend anyone. Sometimes we just need to take our blinders off and rise up above the clouds and take a look at the big picture. We all asume that the world is set up for everyone to prosper and that those in charge are working to make OUR lives better. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take charge of your health yourself.

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wackytoposthere HB User
Re: Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?

I would recommend you take Alive by Natures Way and continue with Apple Cider vinegar, Echinacea, and acidophilus. Everything else is in the Alive.

Evening Primrose Oil and Vitex are both good for hormone support

If you stick with what your using and not buy the Alive, add copper to balance the Zinc

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