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jarod1005 05-03-2011 03:00 PM

How much Copper a day?
Is taking 4 mg of Copper a day harmful?

Thanks in advance.

Harry 05-14-2011 12:20 AM

Re: How much Copper a day?
The recommended dose is 2mg daily-- I like chelated minerals best-- the ones that are bonded to a protein amino acid-- like glycinate. The international patent is held by Albion Labs a Utah company.


jarod1005 05-14-2011 09:02 AM

Re: How much Copper a day?
Yes, I take 2 mg a day, occasionly, I have taken 4 mg, but only two days out of the week. I have been taking Copper for six months, and during the first six months, I took 2 mg a day. On *****, it says no more than 10 mg a day for adults.

Harry 05-14-2011 09:39 AM

Re: How much Copper a day?
Just for your information.

One of the early signs of too little copper is osteoporosis. Lacking it also cause blood fats (lipids) to increase.

It also helps normalize red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Excess intake can cause nausea, depression , irritabilty, nervousness --muscle and joint pain... So, be careful -- 10mg can readily cause nausea.

Too much can reduce zinc and vitamin C in the body--


jarod1005 05-14-2011 10:21 AM

Re: How much Copper a day?
I did not say that I was taking 10 mg. This is the maximum daily dosage on *****. I just wanted to know if 4 mg a day, or on occasion, is safe?

Thank you

Harry 05-14-2011 03:05 PM

Re: How much Copper a day?

I personally think that 2 mgs is OK since you also get copper in other foods as well.

I understand that you didn't take 10mg daily -- it's too much.

Take care---Harry

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