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gonnatry 02-21-2012 10:01 PM

Choosing a regimin that best fits me
First off i will start by saying that i am new to this forum and this post is the main reason i joined.

-Im 20years old
-always fatigued and tired
-irratic sex drive
-bursts of energy
-blurred short term memory
-feel restless
-have stress of college and my job
-have a less than satisfactory digestion and bowel movements
-i eat too much
-not very active
-mood swings (taking zoloft for this)

i wouldnt quite say that im super fat, just larger than i would like to be. I am going to be starting a vitamin regimen to put me "on the map" for lack of a better term, then fine tune my eating patterns and excersize plans after i get a general idea of what i need. i would like to start a regimen but know nothing about them. i really need something to try and balance out the said above. obviously i need to eat less and eat more healthy foods less junk, and i am going to start workin out a a gym for about an hour-1.5 hours 3-4 times a week. i also need something to help my metabolism speed up, my lack of energy, extreme fatigue, sex drive, stress, focus, memory, and digestion. if anyone could help that would be great! thank you so much! just kind of need a push in the right direction.

jenj770 02-22-2012 03:10 AM

Re: Choosing a regimin that best fits me

If you could now change your eating habits and start exercising this likely would address many of your stated problems and get you on the road to health without the need for supplements.

hizzy 02-25-2012 11:02 AM

Re: Choosing a regimin that best fits me
i agree with jen. stress, inactivity, and a poor diet can impact or cause much of what you're experiencing -- fatigue, restlessness, lack of sex drive, memory issues. if you're not very active, you could experience GI issues as well...regular exercise = regular bowel movements.

one piece of advice i'd give you is to maybe not go gung-ho at the gym and with a new diet from day one...if you aren't used to regular exercise, you might want to start off with 20-30 minutes and build up to that hour you're aiming for. also, start with small changes in your diet. making small changes over a period of time will make you more likely to stick with your new routine. making too many changes at one time is often difficult and frustrating, and it's a key reason people give up on their healthy changes.

is there a counseling center at your university? i ask because you mentioned that you're taking zoloft and under a lot of stress. it would probably help to talk about your feelings and stressors either with a counselor or in a support group.

good luck, and feel better!

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