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Prescription strength Vitamin D

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naturegal76 HB Usernaturegal76 HB User
Question Prescription strength Vitamin D

Hello all. Fellow Hashi here. I take 88 mcg Tirosint daily. Recently had blood come back with Vit D level of 28. That was after having already been taking Vit D3 OTC 2400 IU daily for 10 months.
Today, the endo prescribed for me 50,000 IU of Vitamin D to be taken once a week for the next 4 weeks. Then I am supposed to go to 3000 IU per day. I'm a little nervous about taking such a large dose without knowing what I should be taking with it. I have read I should take it with a meal, including some fat, as vit d is fat soluble, but what about increasing my intake of other vits? Do I need extra calcium or magnesium to help absorb the high dose of d? Also, I'm wondering if my muscle twitching could be related to the vit d deficiency? What symptoms did any of you have when your vit d levels were in the toilet?

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Re: Prescription strength Vitamin D

I can't pin any specific symptoms on my vitamin D shortage. It was discovered at a time when I was trying to get my Armour dosage right. Once I did that, my symptoms disappeared. My doctor told me that the muscle achiness that plagued me might be due to D shortage, but I suspect it was more due to my hypoT. That said, he and I feel that there are other, more important reasons to be supplementing it besides just "feeling" better.

I've never heard twitching associated with D deficiency. Have you had B12 tested?

I first tried 2000 units a day of OTC D3. When it didn't help, I followed the Vit D council's recommendation of 5000 units a day. Took that much for a month and got retested. That amount did the trick. I continued taking 5000 for another 2 months, then dropped back to 2000 - 3000 a day, which has held the level steady. The upper tolerable, maximum dose to take according to the council is 10,000 a day. Simply taking more of the OTC product might work better than prescription D2, which is not the most usable form of the vitamin to within the body. I met a woman on the Thyroid Disorders board who had no success with the prescribed D2, but increased her level nicely with enough OTC D3.

If you take certain medications, have high blood calcium, parathyroid or certain diseases, do not take high doses of D. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

D3 absorption can be increased by taking it sublingually. (I'm unsure if this works for D2.) You don't have to take it at any particular time of day or with any certain foods.

Since summer is near, is there any chance you can use the sun to your advantage? You don't have to tan or even turn your skin pink to benefit. But sunning is a trickier proposition, as there are a lot variables as to how well it works. It depends on the time of day, angle of the sun, color of your skin, how much skin you expose, etc.

Be aware that, if the prescription doesn't work, a higher dose of OTC D3 might work just fine.
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MyCat55 HB UserMyCat55 HB UserMyCat55 HB User
Re: Prescription strength Vitamin D

Please don't bother taking Vitamin D2 if you wish to increase your Vitamin D levels as it doesn't work.

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Re: Prescription strength Vitamin D

I can relate to your Vitamin D deficiency. Mine test just came back and mine is 25. It should be between 30 and 100. No wonder I feel so bad. My doctor didn't seem too concerned. She told me to take 2000 IU a day and get plenty of sun. It just isn't coming up fast. I remember a time when I had a doctor put me on 50,000 for awhile. They are all so different with their treatments. I think you can get muscle twitching. Especially when you are deficient. I remember being very concerned about that when I was low before. I am dealing with low thyroid and menopause so it is a frustrating battle for me getting these things under control and levels back up. Best wishes to you. Hang in there ok!
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d3b5b9b12 HB User
Re: Prescription strength Vitamin D

Ideally when you take vitamin D3 if you are deficient then you will start on a boosting dose of around 10,000IU daily for about 3 to 4 weeks. This should raise your blood level of 25(OH)D to above 30ng/ml (people vary in their response). Once this is achieved the dose can be dropped to 5000IU daily. Whether you stay on 5000IU or go down to a lower amount (say 3000IU) is a matter of individual choice. There is no harm whatsoever in staying on 5000IU for the rest of your life. This is recommended by the Vitamin D Council and is a wise choice for anyone who is suffering from a chronic illness or suspects they may be prone to a cancer of any type, including melanoma.

Vitamin D supplementation should be accompanied by its co-factors which assist in the utilization of vitamin D:

Magnesium glycinate, succinate or citrate (or other mixed type) 400mg daily minimum
Vitamin K2, preferably mixed type K2 100mcg per 1000IU vitamin D
zinc chelate 12.5 to 25 mg daily

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MyCat55 HB UserMyCat55 HB UserMyCat55 HB User
Re: Prescription strength Vitamin D

I was given a régime that started with of 60,000IU for 12 weeks and I take a multi-vitamin. I'm now on about 3500IU a day and that will decrease in another 3 months.

My Vitamin D levels were 48 after 14 weeks. (My starting value isn't clear as I wasn't given my test results for 2 months.)

Point I should make is medical practitioners don't follow the same régime but if you aren't on very high doses of Vitamin D3 to start and you are deficient then you should get worried.

Also you will terrible for up to 3 months and may be in more pain as your bones re-mineralise.

Old 07-18-2013, 02:53 PM   #7
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RedMighty HB User
Re: Prescription strength Vitamin D

Vitamin D needs certain co-factors so that it can be absorbed by your body effectively. You will need Vit A, Vit K, zinc, and the most important one - Magnesium.

I was diagnosed with low vit d a few months ago but could not tolerate any level of vit d supplements as it gave me very bad headaches, sore neck, pain in my tongue, stomach cramps, pain in my feet, muscle twitching all over, and awful gastro issues. Even being out in the sun gave me massive headaches.

Googled this and it came back with magnesium deficiency. Vit D will suck up all the magnesium in your muscles and bones so that it can do it's job.

Took magnesium citrate (200mg) along with my multi vit and I feel incredible again. Pains are going away and I have tons of energy.

So if your Doc prescribes high doses of vit d make sure you have enough of the co-factor vit & minerals so that your body can use it effectively.

(BTW - my magnesium deficiency came about by drinking colas/soft drinks my whole life. Was addicted to the sugary drinks, but they deplete your body's minerals. Then the low mag in turn caused my vit d deficiency and gastro issues. I was on a downward spiral. Had gallbladder removed and was told by surgeon that I also have a fatty liver - also caused by excessive sugar intake. So ditch the sodas and pick up the water people!)

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