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Lap Band!
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][B]Im Lacey and Im 19. Im a mom to a great little boy, Owen, who will be 2 in March. When I was pregnant with him I gained alot of weight. I was 160 when I became pregnant and am now 255 pounds! EEK! I have been on WW for about a month and have only lost 1 FREAKING pound! I have looked into the surgery for a long time but thought that maybe I was too young and that I could loose the weight just doing WW. But obviosly I am wrong. I have struggled with being fat ever since I was a child! I want to change myself before I get older so that I can enjoy my son now. I dont have the energy to keep up with him and I should at 19! Its sad! I was just wondering if anyone here has gotten the op and what needs to happen for me to get it?![/B][/COLOR]

silvertulie 02-09-2007 03:27 PM

Re: Lap Band!
start by researching online like crazy.
if you have insurance, call them and ask if they cover the surgical treatment for obesity when medically necesary (that part is important). if so, awesome--start researching local surgeons. if not, then start looking into self pay options (home equity loan, other loans, etc)--average price is 15g in the states. most all surgeons offer free seminars which they require you attend before you can proceed with the process. start there.
good luck!

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