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Psfisch 09-20-2011 09:04 PM

What to do???
in Aug. 2005 i had the lap band surgery and i did good until Jan.2006 when i got a infection around the port and had to have it taken out the Dr that did it remove the port from one side and put it in theother side. and sent me home after about 3 or 4 days i was once again in so much pain i thought i was going to die so i had to go back to the houspital and he had to remove the port once again. the infection was so bad i missed 6mo of work. Final we got the port put back in and i started lossing weight about 100 lbs.Until a blister formed around the port,so back to the Dr and at that time i was told that the port was working its way out i was in so much pain for so the port was taken out again for another 3mo and after that it was put back in and now it is like its not workimg and i haven't lost anyweight i don't know what to do i have been back to the Dr and all they can tell me is not to eat. I have had 12 surgeries and now i can't loss the weight i need help i ask the people in his office if i should see a nother Dr and they told me no one else would see me i haven't call to check . and righ now i just don't have the money. I need help and i do not know what to do.

ricardo33 10-03-2011 01:09 PM

Re: What to do???
boy, infections have had their way with you. i also had lap band but didn't have infections although the band is making me sick and is coming out next week. prior to the band surgery i had complex spine surgery with rods and screws holding me together. i was in hospital for months and got those dreaded infections. subsequently i was on a course of antibiotics that changed over the nine months i was treated. for the first six months i had an iv attached to me with a pump pac to dose me. also pills that continued and different types to make sure they put the infection down.
infection can be serious if not treated agressively. if it were me i would get to the biggest and best teaching hospital i could find. easy for me to say, i live in boston, a mecca for medicine. i don't know how far you are from st.paul mn. but if it's within a days distance i would go there. your surgeons office won't tell you to get another opinion, they might not want anyone else to know what has occurred. going far away from the original doctor to a major teaching hospital will get you some comprehensive care and a handle on why you have recurrent infections. mayo clinic maybe. i worry about infections they can lie dormant and reoccur with the right conditions.
do not settle for the answers until you can be happy with them and verified with the diagnosis.

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