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dianajune 09-30-2011 02:14 PM

Needs advice about weight loss surgery
I've been thinking about weight loss surgery but am not sure which one to go for. Bariatric surgery is very drastic, but I heard that the lap-band procedure isn't as bad.

Can anyone here advise me as to what would be the least-invasive and least-risky procedure?

I have a long and complicated medical history. Not only am I horribly overweight (well over 300 pounds), I had a borderline ovarian cancer in '04. Had to have a total hysterectomy for that due to the size of the mass. The prognosis for that is great and I didn't need chemo or radiation.

However, in '09 I had a strangulated hernia and bowel obstruction. The hernia repair has since failed because of my weight and an infection I developed afterwards. My right knee is in bad shape - I have arthritis in both of them but injured the right one late last year. So, I haven't been able to walk to help keep my weight down.

Today I found out that I gained nearly five pounds. I really need to do something, but what? I'm unable to exercise until my knee is taken care of. However, it's hard to find a surgeon who's willing to do a knee replacement for someone that's as heavy as I am.

So, if anyone out there has advice for me, I would appreciate it. Thanks!:(

ricardo33 10-03-2011 06:11 AM

Re: Needs advice about weight loss surgery
if all your medical issues are under control, you will probably be eligible for another surgical procedure. your surgeon is the best person to advise you on options. because of your past medical history you should rely on the surgical team to guide you. if you go to a teaching hospital where there are many specialities you will be in the best place to have this done.
i had a lap band procedure two years ago which after a year is giving me problems. i am one week away from having it removed and at the same time having the by pass procedure. i am hopeful this will be a better result. it is said that the by pass has the better result. but, i again stress that you consult with and take recommendation from the surgical team that you encounter.
best of luck, i would like to know how things go for you and, i'm sure, so do many others who read this blog.
rick d

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