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Intercooledgn 08-21-2015 03:54 PM

What is the best weight loss pill for my situation
Hey all, I have a unique situation and I'm curious on what people feel is the best weight loss pill or suppliment?

Here's my situation, my L4-5 disc is literally gone. The spine is shifting back on forth and causing the bone to rub on bone and the L3-4 disc is completely blown out. This has caused me to be basically bed ridden. Cant walk, exercize, even hurts when I tried to swim. Blue Cross Blue Shield denied my surgery and my attorneys and I have been fighting with them since November and I now have it at the Attorney General to proceed.

Problem is being I cannot exercize and am essentially confined to the bed I gained weight and I have to lose around 30-40 lbs to have the surgery. So being I can do little to no exercize what is your folks opinions on a weight loss pill that will help me lose weight with little to no exercize but with a low calorie diet? I am gonna start water loss pills but also want to use a weight loss one. Thanks to everyone for your assistance and responses, they are valued GREATLY.



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