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Thorkim 06-27-2019 03:24 PM

Weight loss and stress/anxiety
I had a physical in mid March and my weight had not changed from before and the doctor said I was healthy. All my blood work was ok, but he wanted me to come in next year for an AC1 (I think) test for my blood sugar. My blood sugar was 114 and they just wanted to check it next year.

Right after this, my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and ever since then, my clothes have been looser and I am stressed to the max. When I'm stressed, my appetite goes south. I am eating, have never been a big eater. I'm wondering if stress could be causing this. I am scared to death to step on the scales since this happened. I do have one other symptom and that has been tingling in my toes (not the whole foot). I am now scared I could have cancer, or could it be perhaps diabetes? I know neuropathy could occur in diabetics and it runs in my family. But I'm terrified it's cancer because my husband lost some weight before he was diagnosed with his cancer and I know that is a sign of cancer too.

I go on medicare on July 1 and may possibly see someone about this. At this point, I could handle the diabetes diagnosis more than the cancer. Or, could it be simply the stress? I've got a lot on my plate right now, lost 2 family members last year, now this.

By the way, I have no discomfort or pain anywhere.

JohnR41 06-28-2019 07:33 AM

Re: Weight loss and stress/anxiety
[QUOTE=Thorkim;5495635]I had a physical in mid March and my weight had not changed from before and the doctor said I was healthy.[/QUOTE]

What's your goal concerning weight? Gain, lose or maintain? I know this is the weight loss board but you seemed to be stressed because you were losing weight. Does that mean you didn't want to lose weight?

From what I understand, 100 is the upper limit for acceptable blood sugar. So I don't understand why your doctor said all your blood work is ok.

Thorkim 06-28-2019 09:07 AM

Re: Weight loss and stress/anxiety
The doctor said 114 was acceptable, but due to that, he wants to due one of those AC1 tests next exam, other than that, he wasn't as concerned.

The thing that I'm concerned about is I am under lots of stress since this happened with my husband and since then, I know I'm losing weight and am just wondering if it is possible for this stress to cause this. A lot of my clothes are loose and it's getting me concerned. I was at 133, which was fine, but I just want to be sure what is causing this. I am planning on getting it checked in July.

Titchou 06-28-2019 08:14 PM

Re: Weight loss and stress/anxiety
Yes, stress can cause weight aren't eating as much because you're distracted, busy caring for your loved one, etc. Just watch it and don't lose too much. Also, you didn't say whether your bloodwork was fasting or not. If not then I wouldn''t be too concerned about the 114. If it was fasting, then change your diet and see how that helps.

Chainsoflove 09-29-2019 03:21 PM

Re: Weight loss and stress/anxiety
Hi I hope you are doing well. I lost about 10 lbs due to stress. I think stress can have alot to do with losing weight. I was on a pill for diabetes that made me lose weight as well. Try to to eat healthy foods like breads and pasta if you want to gain a bit of weight.

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